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Got photobombed! I didn’t notice that guy in the window, and I really can’t crop him out, so I’ve decided to just cover him up with gorgeous bokeh! Can you spot him?

Teefy has a gorgeous collection of Lenka Bralet tops and Laurie Low Waist Hi-Low skirts out at Summerfest! This top includes so many options — with or without straps, with or without fringe. I usually think Teefy items are flawless, but I thought the rigging for the top was a bit difficult to wear. In certain poses, the without fringe version, especially, just sank into my torso. If you’re not too picky about rigging, the top makes a lovely addition to your SL wardrobe.


Check out my new hair! It’s from DeLa. I’m not a huge fan of the hair textures, but I think this sweet Carly hairstyle with bangs was too cute to pass up.

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Harley (Peach)
DeLa – Carly (Dark Brown 2)
Teefy – Lenka Bralet (Blue Tropical) XS
Teefy – Laurie Low Waist Hi-Low Skirt (Mint) S
Belgravia – Paradise Sandals (Silver)
SLink – Womens Medium Height Barefeet (Rigged S)
SLink – Mesh Hands (av)
LaGyo – Aiko Necklace
matte – tie-dye (SAE-nails)

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  1. Shiny Bubble

    Hi GoGo,
    I love this but one thing i must know if you would be so kind, Is where that house is from….It is now very much wanted.

  2. Sommer

    I’ve seen lots of postings on the Teefy top but seems to me you are the only one that mentioned about the rigging. I tried on the demo and was disappointed to find the same issue. Oh well. This is why I’m a regular follower of your blog.

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