True Blood

True Blood

Do you love True Blood? I found this cool Crybaby (Blood) tattoo from SongBird and thought it would make a lovely True Blood inspired picture. If you’re up for the challenge, make YOUR own TB vamp or any type of vamp inspired picture and comment on this post with the link to it. Here’s something from cheLLe that might help you along 🙂

What I’m Wearing:

Wasabi Pills – Donna (Ethereal) @ Hair Fair 2013
SongBird – Crybaby (Blood)
SongBird – Half Sheer Tanks (Blue)
Monso – My Bunny Band Gift (Black) Skull

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  1. Where are your teeth from? I suppose you edited the mouth a bit fuller to get a bigger opening?

    • I credited it once before, but the designer is a total bitch, so I will message you the name on Flickr.

      Why is she a bitch? Because I actually reviewed these teeth before, I guess she didn’t like my review, and decided to say how much she hated me all over, and was so glad that others hated me too. So yea, she doesn’t get a mention anymore.

      • And yes, I did edit the jagged alpha around the mouth for a smoother look, which was what I had mentioned in my original review. I think you will find way better teeth elsewhere.

        • Hah, now that I look more closely, I think you’re wearing the same teeth I am in my ‘vampy outfit’ response. If so, interesting to know that about the designer.

          • No, it’s not them! I won’t say the name here, just that it starts with an O 🙂

  2. I love the True Blood books. Well, not the last one! The series has become a total wreck for me, they must have hired some to slaughter the books and add on and remove stuff. And Alcide is a total dumbass in the books… Tara is hardly playing a role in the books and is a main charachter that acts like a moron in the tv series. Ugh. I hate it when they destroy books I love. Game of Thrones follow the books much more.

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