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Ricielli just released a large collection of apparels in a range of tasteful colors and unique styles. I really like the spikey studded look that many of the pieces have! I found the collection easy to mix-and-match with each other, which made dressing a pleasure and a breeze. This Spiked Blazer that I am wearing, includes the Shirt Under Blazer, and looks great on but it is unlined. Some apparel items are lined on the inside, and some are not, why the inconsistency, Ricielli?

I really like my outfit today, especially this new Mina hairstyle from Truth. The bangs are side-swept and so cute; I prefer this over the blunt short bangs from the last release.


What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Harley (Peach)
TRUTH – Mina (LightBrowns01)
Ricielli – Highwaisted Leather Pants (White)
Ricielli – Shirt Under Blazer (White)
Ricielli – Spiked Blazer (Mint)
Belgravia – Patent 120 Spikes (White)
Ohmai – Rosie Posies part of a hair, modded
Donna Flora – GLORIA necklace, ring

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  1. Cherry deluxe

    I was under The impression that they dont have original mesh. I have not been a costumor there because of that. Maby i should rethink

    • Gogo

      You should ask them 🙂

      I think some could items past/present could be templates, but the texturing on the most recent stuff is hot.

  2. Cara

    Why does everyone insist on only buying original items? In a real 3D workflow it’s often different people doing the rigging, modeling and texturing yet in SL people expect 1 person to do it all for mere pennies per item. I really don’t think that’s right or fair. Props to those who can and WANT to do it all but expecting that amount of work for original mesh items for mere pennies is greedy I think in many ways.

    • Eleanor

      Your comment was an angry, offensive, abusive, juvenile, & ignorant!
      I don’t even know where to begin to explain to you the reasons.
      Should I try to explain, the free market economy system that is SL, where people can price their work for whatever they wish, then supply and demand will take it from there. Hmmm, maybe instead of reviewing simple facts of how the ancient system of commerce works, I should focus on the basic manners of society that you shredded. **It isn’t nice to group everyone up and make assumptions about them and call them names like greedy, hurling giant random insults at who ever they can hit, with very little provocation.**
      I rarely take the time to respond to one of the billions of offensive and ignorant people on the internet, but for you to use the lovely blog of Gogo, to star your own personal RANT, RANT RANT, is just frankly too much, for me to stand by and bear witness to!
      I am sure you understand very little of what i have said here, and only that someone has called you out on your bad behavior, and well i guess that is enough for today.

  3. Chantel Ashdene

    I picked up this hair today, it’s very pretty.

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