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Snow Rabbit Nea v1.2

Snow Rabbit Nea v1.2

Hey Snow Rabbit fans! Visit the Snow Rabbit main store to get your S@R Hybrid Avatar Nea v1.2 update! This update removes scripts errors in the HUDs, so you should update. Follow the instructions on the website that I’ve linked to get your free update!

Snow Rabbit Nea v1.2

What I’m Wearing

Snow Rabbit (S@R) – Hybrid Avatar Nea
Truth – Tawny (LightBlondes01)
G-Field – Frill Bikini (Lime)
BOOM – Tiare Crown (Pink)

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  1. Kiddo Oh

    I kinda wished they would add new make up colors and/or optional hair base… or release a designer kit so I could do those things by myself… 🙂

  2. Marianne Little

    I was already trying to get the update. But even if I rezzed the box from the skin fair again, I couldn’t find an update card. I will try again and use Open instead of Unpack, and check the contents again. Thanks for the information!

    • Gogo

      At first I couldn’t find my update card either, but then I found my original package, “OPENED” it and there it was. Be careful, it is no copy. You’ll get a new card with your 1.2 package, so save that!

  3. AliceInChains Arun

    Thank you for the info Gogo. I have the head, never really used but its so gorgeous, I’m going to get my update for sure!

  4. Shirousagi Noel

    I made some mistakes about a notice of update of Nea.
    1. An update card did not often reach the hand of the buyer.
    2. I forgot to classify the URL of the detailed page into the English version of the notice of update.
    I told a user about it by a notice of group, but many users were confused.
    I thank for your having listed the URL of my support page.
    Many users were saved from the confusion in this.
    I will plan update of Nea in future.
    It includes the answer to problem of the neck which you pointed out.
    I am one of the fans of your splendid blog.

    Snow rabbit / Shirousagi Noel

  5. Adam Leaon

    Can anyone tell me how can I get my update card? I really need it to update my Avatar..

  6. batel

    hello Juicy, you can please tell with what pose you use with this picture ?

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