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Studded Shorts


Please ignore the tiny box inside the palm of my hand.

It’s attached to the attached to the Eva Bustier from Lark that I’m wearing, but I couldn’t make it transparent without turning the entire bustier transparent too, so I just went with it. Let’s pretend this oversight (I think) is a cool new trend, or something.


I’m wearing the new My Studded Shorts from Monso, with materials! I don’t have much experience with materials in SL, cos it’s still quite new, but I was able to see the difference after playing around with my Windlight Setting. My usual WL setting is too soft to see any noticeable difference, so I played around with one that’s more contrasted to show you guys how materials are supposed to be, if you can view them. I’m using the official SL viewer.

monso - my studded shorts; materials!

See the jeans fabric and the ripped threads area?

These shorts include a HUD to change the stud textures and there is a men’s version too! Get them at Monso!

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Harley (Peach)
TRUTH HAIR Mina – LightBrowns01
cheLLe – (tattoo) Don’t Dream It’s Over/60 @ Love Donna Flora
Lark – Eva Bustier – Love (Purple) M @ Love Donna Flora
Monso – My Studded Shorts (Deep Blue) Girls/Size 2/s
Leverocci – Suede Curved Wedges (Spiked Beige)

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  1. Smash Drezelan

    The texture/specular on the shorts is absolutely incredible, but the top should have let you edit linked parts if you opened the edit menu via the cube on your hand. Were the permissions no mod?

  2. Chantel Ashdene

    Dat ass! Love the shape =) yay for Harley coming out soon and ooooh love those shorts, will check them out shortly.

  3. Sienia

    Oh no! Thank you for showing the bustier from Love Donna Flora and I’ll fix the transparency on the inside prim and resend to everyone by tomorrow.

  4. Chantel Ashdene

    I love the new layout, Gogo ♥

    • Gogo

      Yay someone notices!! LOL

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