Flying Girls

Flying Girls

I went on a gacha shopping spree at Flying Girls today, I love the store name! The store is really cute too, I took pics at the store cos I love the desk area so much. I bought this adorable totoro umbrella, and a basket of snacks. The gacha machines are so cheap here, just $25-$30L per play! I wanted a floral or fruits pattern umbrella, but I didn’t get it! It’s okay cos they’re all really cute anyway.

Flying Girls

Check out my funky and cute Pink Deer Glasses from Glow! It’s not out yet but soon, for The Arcade. Gacha gacha gacha everywhere! Do you like gacha or do you prefer to buy exactly what you want?

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What I’m Wearing:

LaViere – Nadine (BlanchedAlmond)
Pink Fuel – Harley (Peach)
Teefy – Odette Dress (Mint) S
Flying Girls – Totoro Umbrella (Microwave)
Glow – Deer Glasses (Pink)
Sax Sheperd Designs – Vixen Stiletto Sandals (Spring Leather)

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