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Candy Doll

Candy Doll

My criteria for shoe buying have changed recently. I no longer want them to just look good, they also have to be compatible with SLink feet.

These gorgeous Oxygen Heels are from CandyDoll, and includes a texture-changing HUD for the sole and heel. It was super hard to choose just one, but I picked the nice bluish floral print to match my outfit.

I am separating all of my SLink add-on shoes from the rest of my shoes inventory, cos when I have a nice collection of add-on shoes, I will delete all of the ones that aren’t. Sorry other shoes… appliers rock. I won’t buy a shoe with a foot attached, no matter what brand it’s from now. How about you?

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Harley (Peach)
Truth – Misty (Blondes05)
BOOM – Tiare (right ear) Peach
Ricielli – (S) Basic Sweater (Mint)
Monso – My Studded Shorts (Green) Girls/Size2/S
CandyDoll – Oxygen heels (Arrosak)

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  1. Sans

    I really like GOS shoes with auto skin match supported by most of the skin makers in SL. I love my Slink feet, but often the Slink appliers from some skin makers still do not match their skins. Until they do I’ll hang on to my GOS collection of shoes with feet.

    • majik

      i also love gos shoes…seems like everytime a new skin comes out they have it ….i buy all of their shoes….but i do love slink hands…..winks

  2. Chantel Ashdene

    SLink or GOS for me.
    These are lovely, I’ll be grabbing the Pink Roses pair!

  3. Tattookiss

    I am so not a fan of the slink feet I don’t want to have to pay to get an applier for different skins.

    • Gogo

      I don’t wear many skins these days so it’s not a problem, but it does come with a tint option like all the other SL feets too.

  4. Anke

    I have a lovely pair of Ingenue shoes from a year or so ago, they’re mesh but work for standard SL feet. I haven’t tried them with slink ones yet, but I imagine it wont work out. Either way, I really like them and they’re probably my only big non mesh keeper – other than some ballet flats which don’t bother me much either way.

  5. Xaqueline Seda

    I’m slowly doing the same thing as you: amassing a collection of Slink add-on shoes. I can’t handle the cankles with the standard avi mesh and finding the right tint for a dark skin is a total pain in the a– for me. The appliers make my feet look seamless and flawless… I just can’t go back!

  6. Shiny Bubble

    You have to try the pair of N-core – CUORE shoes, Although they are foot attached they have 4 different styles with hud change and other options…. and N-core are pretty good with the Hud click website skin match with most popular skin brands.
    Personally I usually dont buy foot attached shoes and stick to the add on now but N-Core are my only exception.

    <3 Shiny Bubble

    • Chantel Ashdene

      Thanks for this info, I had no idea N-Core had a skin matching system in place πŸ™‚ I gave up on them last year trying to tint because well I’m stupid and need everything done for me, lol.

  7. Kirsten Corleone

    I love Slink add on shoes, but I also love Gos. As long as a foot shoe has 1)auto click skin matching and 2) the ability to turn the sheath OFF (or even better no sheath), I buy the shoes I like both foot and add-on. I can not figure out how to turn the sheath off on N-core shoes and so I have not bought anymore. Is there a way to turn it off? The shoes are pretty, the feet are pretty, I can’t stand the sheath!

  8. Micah

    hmm i have to say honestly that it would be extremely hard to throw away my shoes from N-Core, Maitreya or Gos… but my slink add-on collection is growing too.

  9. Marianne Little

    Mm, tough one. I am always firm in my decisions until I change my mind… So far I think the Slink add-on shoes lack a certain Oomph-factor. The ones you show now is bolder and more special than all the wedges and open toes slingback shoes that has been the market so far. I have said it before and I say it again, I wish Redgrave would change to Slink add-ons. Their design is sexy and a bit different from others.
    A year or two ago I bought the Body Co skins, and I was really struggling to match feet to it due to the hard highlights of the skin. That skintype would have been perfect, just perfect, for appliers. Sadly the creators behind the Body Co who is now The ShopsinSL does not make appliers. I solved that by just buying a tattoo face and used it with another skin. But that is not something I will spend a lot of money on, they loose sales on their lack of appliers I am sure.
    Gos shoes are fabulous. I have tried to match some of the more unusual shaded skins with their feet, and even if they have the skin on their website I think the match was not totally correct. Appliers rock!
    To sum it up, I search the MP and blogs for new Slink add-ons before I buy other shoes, but can be tempted to get a few other shoes in between. Especially if it’s a discount.

  10. Marianne Little

    Damn, those CandyDoll shoes is expensive. I thought add-ons should be cheaper. But that’s up to the designer, I hope it will be more to choose from in designs and prices. Sad that CandyDoll don’t participate in Collabor88 or The Dressing Room. Well, they will sell anyway. Even if I grumble about the price, I will clench my teeth and buy a pair.

    • Tracy RedAngel

      yeah the Candydoll shoes are a little more spendy (490L) than most add-ons which have prices ranges from about 250-400 L.
      But…against Gos and N-core, they still are less money. I’m really, really hoping G-Field makes add-ons because they make great shoes and they’re so inexpensive.

      • Gogo

        Oh yesssss, G-Field would be a dream!

    • rebeca dembo

      The prices are made depends on how hard was the work on my products, i really apreciate any sugestion or any coments goods or bads, i will try next time to make a reasonable price for evey poket . I didint look at other to see what are the prices but all i can do now is to promies in the future to make reasonaqble prices for every one, thank you very much . Apolagize my bag english and my bad ipad keyboard

      • Kirsten Corleone

        A designer that can take constructive comments the right way. The way they were meant, as comments that would help improve your store and sales! That is so refreshing and makes me want to buy from you, rather than what I normally see which is designers taking offense- which makes me avoid the store. Thank you Rebeca!

        • Marianne Little

          Designers why reply calm and kind to a grumble about high prices are really mature. Of course you should set the prices as you wish. It’s just that I have 3 female avatars to shop for, so if the price is hight I buy one pair for Marianne and the alts have to do without. If the price is a bit lower, I might buy 2 pairs for Marianne and one pair for the others. πŸ˜‰ I am really kidding myself to spend more money because the price is low.

  11. Tracy RedAngel

    I’m with you on the add-on shoes, I’m crazy about them. PLUS…they cost less so you can get more πŸ˜€
    I switch back and forth between skins all the time, just depending on my mood. The appliers are really inexpensive, so I don’t mind. I just copy a pair of the hands and feet I wear the most, with the appliers and put them in each skin folder.
    I don’t think I can bring myself to deleting some of my really good mesh shoes :O. Even the ones which about made me cry trying to get a good color match lol.
    I definately won’t delete my Gos or new N-cores because their color matching makes them so easy to use, and they make such beautiful shoes.
    BUT…most new shoes I will be looking to buy are add-ons. If I had a wish list of my favorite shoe creators who I would LOVE to see make Add-ons….it would be Maitreya, G-Field, and Redgrave (their mesh shoes are beautifully detailed).

  12. Lourdes Denimore

    When I’m choosing shoes for an outfit I always look for shoes for the SLink feet first. I don’t understand the mentality of not wanting to pay L$100 or less for an applier for a skin. The foot much better matched when an applier is used.

    • Tracy RedAngel

      I think it’s totally fair for the skin makers to sell them at that price, because they’ve taken the time to get the kit and make the appliers. The appliers are amazing,the hands and feet look like they’re just part of your avatar.

  13. Arica Storaro

    SLINK addon shoes are the way to go. Even if I am not a HUGE fan of bare SLINK feet due to their shape, I still like thembest for all the great options they come with plus the appliers. I have NEVER seen a foot that is as perfectly matched to a skin as a slink-applier-foot.

    Imho, any event/store that does not allow/does not make SLINK feet will lose out on customers in the long run. Attached feet are starting to feel very dated, only with GOS shoes (many of their latest contributions to events look very similar, too, so for me there is less reason to snatch them up right away even if their quality is great since there are only so many sandals with minor strap/plateau alterations I need) it works for me still and default feet…well not. I am really no big fan of of shoes with attached feet anymore. Besides Deco’s heels from their 50Linden sale, I have cleaned my inventory up for the most part, too.

    And well, I’ll rather pay 200-300 Lindens for a SLINK addon than 800 Lindens for shoes + attached foot. πŸ™

    What I DO miss however so far are heels with REALLY HIGH heels, not just medium. I admit, I have not paid attention if feet matching those already exist from SLINK, but if not, that migth be something worth to add for Siddean Munro. πŸ™‚

  14. Kristin Burner

    Mew πŸ™‚

    Well i am thinking of getting the slink feet so i do not have to worry about most stores dated technology (I stopped buying all brands except GOS due to this actually). But right today i think GOS are still the top of the heap for technology (Adjustable sheath being one of my favorites), and until i can actually get myself to take them off, SLink are still in my demo folder πŸ™‚

    I think slink may have updated there technology to include a sheath so you dont have to have a tatto or sock layer, but the demo is still the old one.

    BUT, so many nice shoes i am seeing for slink, i think its only a matter of time before the brain snaps and the account is drained

    • Gogo

      The new SLink feet (Avater Enhacement) that has appliers, do not need a sock layer or tattoo layer, cos it’s already perfectly matched. I think sheaths are actually a dated way to do things, if you can recall, SLink had sheath on both their hands and feet a year or two ago already, but discontinued that method cos with shadows ON, the sheath didn’t always match the skin. The same thing happens with ALL sheaths in SL, which is why I’m not a fan and don’t even bother with anything that has “sheath” anymore.

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