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Flickr Etiquette

I’ve been a Flickr contact of this SL resident since January 2010. I’ve always liked her stream, so today when a new image appeared on my Contacts stream, I clicked on it. It looked odd, so I showed my friends the picture. Someone pointed out that the picture is very old, from 2008 actually and not new at all. If I knew this picture was 5 years old, I wouldn’t have even commented about it, cos SL 5 years ago is dated, etc, not comparable to SL now. Anyway, I left a comment on this girl’s picture, asking if something was wrong with her Flickr stream, cos some images are now showing up as new. She deleted my comment. I commented again, she blocked me and disabled comments.

I’ve used Flickr since 2007, and besides the obvious trolls and alt accounts, I have never encountered someone so rude. I guess I’m disappointed, cos I thought her stream was pretty fun to look at, at times. She already had 60+ comments on this particular picture from 2008, why did she have to change the date, to get more views/comments? Why do people do this?

Well DeeDee Deepdene, if you wanted some extra attention, here you go. This was the image.

Flickr Etiquette Rules:

1. Don’t change the date of your pics, so that they appear new and show up on top of the contacts stream over, and over, and over, and over.

2. Set the right Safety Level (Boobs = moderate, Sex = Restricted).

3. If you post a rant on Flickr, people will comment favorably/unfavorably. If you don’t want any comments, disable it from the start, not halfway through the conversation.

4. Never post those irritating Flickr award gifs, delete and block anyone that does.

5. Don’t tag people to get their attention when they are not in the picture. (from Darkley)

Comment below and let me know if you have some of your own!

Note: these rules are just my preference for Flickr, obviously they are not real rules that everyone must follow.

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  1. Darkley Aeon

    it’s simple really, don’t be a dick

  2. Kaelyn Alecto

    *insert fancy blogger award image*
    Please comment and award on 5 other blogposts :p

  3. AliceInChains Arun

    I’ve noticed some other people doing the same, even famous bloggers, it shows in my stream some old pictures that I’ve seen many times before, I really don’t understand the point.

  4. Sommer

    Oh well they probably feel its their flickr, they can do wot they want. Who knows why peeps do what they do. As the song goes, people are strange lol. For me, I just like the ones I like and pass thru the other ones. But it’s nice that you’re more particular and have an eye for detail cuz I know I’m getting an honest opinion about a subject instead of glossed over pictures where everything looks wonderful.

  5. Lourdes Denimore

    Here is one that pissed me off. Store owners should not tag themselves in pictures with their products. If your avatar is not in the picture I will not tag you.

    Yes I know some bloggers tag the store owners in the pictures where they blog the store owners product, but I don’t.

  6. Tiara Askew

    I think it’s just as rude to comment, then re-comment even when the person clearly didn’t want your opinion, then to try to publicly shame them – people can do with their flickr stream as they wish – it’s like tv, you don’t like the channel, then click on by.

    • Gogo

      I’m not publicly shaming her, I’m just relaying facts. If you feel that it is shameful behavior, then I guess it was.

  7. Melanie

    I took a look at her flickr just now, apparently she’s been doing this a lot lately. Nearly all the photos near the “beginning” of her stream are several years old. The thing is, you can tell they are old, too. Lol.

  8. Charlie Namiboo

    Well, I must admit sometimes I also do re-date pics as I add some information like a blogpost link or a landmark. I want to keep my pics updated … is there anything wrong about i?
    But then again, I also don’t like *fishing* ppl either … damn dilemma ^^

    • Katey

      You can update the information on a picture without reposting it, just click the text you want to change and an edit window appears. Tadaa!

      • Charlie Namiboo

        I know and of course usually this would be enough … if, yes if one wouldn’t want to reach other ppl. I mean, you take some pics, upload them on FlickR, later on you write a blogpost and use the pics for it and then you update the pic with the link to your blog or some other information. But you know that your pic is already buried in the common FlickR stream and at the same time you want to show your friends and follower that there’s something new about the pics you have taken hours ago. Not everybody has a fan base like Gogo or Strawberry ^^ So I don’t think it isn’t always wrong to re-date a pic. Nevertheless I have seen lots of ppl on FlickR re-dating their pics permanently and commenting each and every fav they got … truth be told, that’s a behaviour I don’t like either as it is nothing but fishing for “compliments”.

  9. Claranna Wardell

    Gogo. I know you weren’t doing this to publicly shame her – you have a perfect point that she wanted the attention – so now she’s got it – even though it is negative. haha irony. I totally agree with your Flickr etiquette points. Thank you Gogo for speaking out on this!

  10. majik

    my how second life has changed….no slink hands or feet….seems in the skin….i really don’t care if their pictures are old…and they say there not. i just enjoy looking at the artistry….i learn so much about people from their pictures…keep those flickers flicking….blows kisses…hopes that makes everyone feel better…the kisses not my comment….i did however….do a major boo boo on my flicker account by not setting the right privacy….i got my hands slapped…and had to beg to get back in…but now i am set …privacy screen is up….i can show nude shots.]

    everyone have a good day….

  11. Arica Storaro

    She blocked me as well when I pointed out the very same thing. Only when I saw your blogpost I actually noticed that. Her pictures are ugly and dated (for nowadays) and were god five years ago. It is super annoying to have your stream spammed with old stuff you already saw. I take each and everyone I catch doing that off, UNLESS it is something like “looking for bloggers/rental space” etc.

  12. Sally

    Fancy lots of people just complain on her pictures, asking why old pics and so on. I mean, Gogo + Arica obviously commented something like that on her photos.

    So, if you have your OWN Flickr you do what you want. Then people start sending similiar comments and basically complaining then I think it’s very easy to become annoyed and just block and remove negative comments.
    Negative comments are no fun! Espeasilly when they’re not that relevant, it’s not like critic on a product. 😛
    And to answer each and every comment… Nah, not possible and a waste of time.

    I know this ‘cuz I experienced something familiar before.
    A mob of negative comments </3 🙁

    If you don't like what people post/re-post, just take them off 🙂

    • Gogo

      Yea of course, but they’re doing it for attention, I’m sure they didn’t do it to be removed! However, lots of SLers actually find this practice of changing the date on photos VERY annoying, enough to remove someone over it, even if you do enjoy their stream. I have a high tolerance for stuff, I had no intention of removing her, but she blocked me first, so bye. 🙂

  13. salomestrangelove

    I get less irritated with Flickr stuff like this because I can just remove the person. It’s not like a blog feed where I’m stuck with them unless I’m the admin. I come from an older internet where you never re-dated anything because keeping the integrity of the original timeline mattered. I would be far more likely to re-post a photo and link it to the original than I would to change the date of the first one. I can think of rare instances (an old issue becoming relevant / an older designer retiring and wanting to share a fondness for their past work, etc) where conveying the image again might be warranted but simply doing it because you want to be petted without doing anything new, or because you’re pouty that an old image didn’t get enough views? That’s the epitome of needy behavior. Anyone that obnoxious was bound to end up off my list anyway for some form of attention antics.

    My biggest pet peeve with Flickr is the boxes people put on other people’s photos. When the original poster does it to highlight a detail in the image I can live with it. If someone else is doing it to highlight an important detail that might otherwise be overlooked I can still live with it. But when 10 of the person’s friends just want to post-it note a stupid hug and kiss on top of the image I can’t stand it. It’s vandalism as far as I’m concerned and I tend to remove people who have cliques where that’s the norm. If it’s not your fucking photo, use the comments. That’s what they’re for. If you have to draw on someone else’s image to make sure everyone knows you’re special then you’re the hell Sartre was referring to.

  14. Jaxi

    I honestly don’t understand why this is being made into a big deal. So what if she posted an old picture? Maybe she liked it and didn’t want it buried in her stream. Geez, who is she hurting here and what difference does it make? She did the picture and so what if it was 3 years ago or 5 or whatever. My goodness can’t you find something else to rant about instead? ..I don’t even know why you would remove this person over this. It is HER flickr stream and I suppose she can do with it as she wants. You seriously think she should follow your rules and your impression of how flickr streams should be? I’ve always likes your blog posts Gogo, but I’m sorry, I find this very petty. wow..

    • Gogo

      Please don’t comment if you do not understand the issue. She’s not simply re-posting a picture, she’s re-dating for attention.

      • Hottest

        As someone who has followed your blog for years, talkin’ old site design and flexi prim hair, I think that this post is really out of character for a few reasons.

        One, re-dating an old photo for attention shouldn’t cause an entire “flickr etiquette” post where someone’s Flickr is shamed. She seems like a really nice person with some great variety in her photos. In the past, you’ve always given clear evidence as to why something warrants your attention when it’s not related to fashion. I don’t really think this was a moment to explore on your blog.

        Two, doesn’t everyone post on Flickr for attention? I’m pretty sure that if Flickr wasn’t so popular with the SL art and blog crowd, we’d all be using something else to display art, get comments, receive notoriety, etc. For all you know, someone couldn’t find the photo because she has so many, so she re-dated it.

        Three, you actually did a nice thing for her in my opinion because I found her flickr stream to be kind of interesting. I really like the way she uses light and props, and while it’s clear she has re-dated some photos recently, it doesn’t seem to be bothering that many people who enjoy her work.

        Honestly I think you exaggerated. I don’t see a screenshot to know how many times she re-dated her photos and yes, if it is every hour or every two hours, it would be annoying. If she’s doing it once per day and isn’t flooding your stream, again why this long blog post that talks about the rules of flickr? Frankly, flickr is free, and people can choose to re-date, accept award posts or tag people if they want.

        • Arica Storaro

          Hey Hottest!

          I had this person on my Flickr as well and removed her for the same reasons. She kept updating her pictures all the time. Most of them look VERY similar. My Stream got spammed with same-looking pictures. I asked her ina friendly tone why she does that, she deleted the comment and blocked me. Someone who has an actual reason to do so other than seeking attention without putting effort into it (that whole datechange takes a few clicks) would ahve simply answered. It is a super rude way to react and shows that she really does not care.

          At first I thought it was a mistake, though at one point I simply got annoyed seeing he rpictures ALL over my Flickr.

  15. Lyre Dunia

    I have been following your blog for almost a year I guess and I check it every day to see the lovely pictures you take and the cute products you mention about.

    But… Isn’t it a fashion blog? Why would you need to write such a blog entry? Yes, I know it’s your blog and you’re free to do as you wish and so on. But I just don’t understand why you would need to blog about something so unimportant and make a big deal about it. What does it have to do with fashion? She did that to have attention? Fine, who cares? Is it annoying that she does that? Fine, who cares? She removed you? Why do you care? Why would you need to say how rude she was?

    • Gogo

      My blog’s main focus is fashion, but I also make comments about the other services that I use on here too. My flickr account, is as old as my blog, and I host all of my blog images there, so in a way, I feel like it’s a big part of my blog and I enjoy the SL community there. When I notice something involving SL residents that I want to write about and express my opinions, I will.

  16. Lyre Dunia

    Funny how you complain about someone else removing your comments and don’t even post my comment just because you don’t like it. Just like you said… If you don’t like comments, disable them.

    • Gogo

      Comments are moderated 🙂 It takes time for me to approve/decline them.

      • Lyre Dunia

        Yes I noticed. My comment disappeared and then came back. I thought you have removed it. I would be very disappointed if you did. 🙂

  17. SerinaJane Loon

    This is funny actually cause just the other day I stumbled over her Flickr stream cause a friend gave me a link and I thought mmh I know her but her pictures look the exact same as years ago when I last checked…. Well now the riddle is solved.

    Anyhow I agree with most of your preferences with one exception I love when Bloggers add the Designers they blog about or me (easy way of noticing their effort). Also if Designers or anyone doesn’t like it they can disable it in the Flickr settings this way they can’t be added to pics anymore without their permission.

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