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Monso, Lizzy hair

Monso - Lizzy

I LOVE NEW HAIR!!! This new Lizzy hairstyle from Monso is an adorable updo with bangs. This hairstyle has materials, which can be seen if you’re using the official SL viewer. Since the last hair release, Monso created a new hair HUD and made new hair colors! Yay, I love HUDs too.

Monso - Lizzy

The HUD also has a built-in re-sizer.

Monso materials

Materials! It’s shiny and more prominent under certain lighting conditions. I moved my Sun/Moon slider around to show you guys how the lighting affects the texture.


Katat0nik released the adorable Tulle Skirts! When she released the Imaginative School Girl Outfit last month, I fell in love with the Tulle skirt, so I asked for it as a separate item. I’m thrilled she made them, and even included a texture-change/tint HUD. I didn’t wear it in my post, but you can also get a free add-on waist band that goes with this skirt too.

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Harley (Peach)
cheLLe – I am Doll Parts tattoo
Monso – My Hair Lizzie
Beetlebones – Cropped Petuna Top (XS) White
Katat0nik – Tulle Skirt
Katat0nik – (lt pink) White Garter Socks
BOOM – Friendship Bracelets
Filthy – F-Piercing v2 (modded and re-textured)

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  1. Hottest

    Where’s the top from?

  2. Chantel Ashdene

    Love! Monso are great, I find myself buying every new thing they release, and I can’t even say the same for some of the bigger names out there.
    You look cute with piercings, btw ♥

  3. Charolotte Caxton


  4. majik

    here i am again wondering where this hair is at monso….has it been realeased yet….cause i don’t see it…ty…i know i am a pest…but i love it

    • Gogo

      @ an event, Fameshed.

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