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Orange is the new Black

Orange is the new Black (not really)

I don’t like Orange much, it is a color that reminds me of Halloween, or prison jumpers.  Since I’ve just finished watching Orange is the new Black, I decided make an outfit with the new Ricielli Papi II Jumpsuit in tomato (basically Orange). Dark Orange is actually quite nice on Brunettes, it’s really rich and vibrant.

The Seraphim Social is a new monthly event brought to you by the people behind Each month’s theme is based on a different book; I didn’t get a chance to read this month’s book (The Host, by Stephenie Meyer). I did like this month’s round a lot, cos many of the items are named Melanie, my bff in SL. I’m assuming that’s a main character in the book? Be sure to visit Seraphim Social before August 11th, to pick up this round’s offerings.

Orange is the new Black (not really)

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Harley (Peach)
Wasabi Pills – Sarah (Black Coffee)
Ricielli – (S) Papi II Jumpsuit (Tomato)
Hucci – Manteo Sandals
Lark – Mirrored Souls (Necklace) @ Seraphim Social
Action – Studded Kitty Headband
SLink – Tri-Colour Wedges

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  1. sylvan

    Yours is the standard view of orange. It has always been one of my most favourite colours. I see sunsets, fruit, vegetables, wood fires, retro, vintage, and mod furnishings/decor, autumn leaves, summer and autumn flowers, Halloween, too. I wanted to get married on Halloween.

    • Gogo

      Hi Sylvan! You’re right, Orange is such a lovely color in nature, so rich and warm, however, ruined by Halloween lol.

      • sylvan

        No, not ruined. Just somewhat overshadowed on this continent. I take it you don’t care for Halloween? I love it but not in its current commercialized, suburbanized incarnation.

  2. Chantel Ashdene

    Sometimes I get in these odd moods when I’m shopping, both in RL and SL, and I will buy the complete opposite colour or pattern of what I normally would. Does anyone else do that or am I just a weirdo? Haha

    • Gogo

      Yessss, I do this just to get out of my comfort zone.

  3. Charolotte Caxton

    Super cute and sultry look. i think that shade of orange has just enough red in it to make it lovable on you.

    • Gogo

      Thank you!

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