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Sax Sheperd

Sax Sheperd

I can’t seem to stick to a single hair color lately, so I’ve worn a different color every day. I know you guys love Blonde Gogo, but look how awesome Brunette Gogo is too! The reason I’ve worn a lot of Brunette colors lately, is cos I’m in love with the Brown Brows on Harley. These brows are SO gorgeous, and perfectly shaped!!

Sax Sheperd

I am wearing the new Vixen Leather Stiletto Sandals from Sax Sheperd Designs. A couple of you guys said that some SLink add-on shoes made my feet look huge, cos most of them wrap around the entire foot, so I think you will really like these sandals, cos they don’t wrap around the entire foot. What do you think?

Sax Sheperd

Here’s a close-up of the sandals with mirror-water effect. This picture took forever to snap today, cos my graphics card had issues, so I hope you guys like it!

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Harley (Peach)
Exile – Beyond the Waves (Swiss)
Teefy – Odette Dress (Moss) S
Sax Sheperd Designs – Vixen Stiletto Sandals (Light Leather)

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  1. Lei

    Those shoes are gorgeous!

  2. Tracy RedAngel

    I like you as a brunette…and a ginger! 😀
    You know it did take me a little while to get used to the scale of the Slink feet, but they are truly scaled much more realistically than some may realize. Just flip through a fashion magazine and look at feet and compare the scale to the rest of the body.
    Now when I wear any of my N-Core shoes (new mesh ones) my feet feel pretty tiny.

  3. Chantel Ashdene

    Great look!
    Gorgeous shoes.

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