The My First Tape Recorder from The Secret Store is like a Pony, it is a rare sighting!! This was on the top of my ‘things I must have’ list, so I’m happy it is m-i-n-e! My inspiration for today’s outfit is “toys” — the tape recorder is a popular childhood toy, so I wanted my outfit to be doll-like. I’m wearing the Libby Shirt (VIP gift) from E! Eclectic Apparel, and pairing it with the Bloomsbury Trousers from Mon Tissu.


What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Harley (Peach)
Wasabi Pills – Robin Mesh Hair (Jellyfish)
G-Field – Ribbon (Single) Headband (Pearl)
E! Eclectic Apparel – Libby Shirt (VIP) XS
Mon Tissu – Bloomsbury Trousers (S) Emerald O’s
Solstice by Steffen Garcia (Pink)
The Secret Store – My First Tape Recorder (Pony RARE) The Arcade

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  1. I honestly would never have thought to pair pink with green, but they work gorgeously!

  2. I love this look. I just hate those pants, the shading between the legs are way too dark. Kind of looks like you pee’d yourself in the first shot.

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