Apple Jacket Dress

Apple Jacket

Katat0nik is brilliant!! This Apple Jacket Dress and matching Apple Scarf is a must-have addition to your Autumn wardrobe. I think it’s so juicy and delicious 🙂 I’m also holding the Chibi Cat/Unicat from Schadenfreude cos Khea gave it to me, she’s trying to turn me into a cat laaaaady! If you want one of these cuties, check out the JuicyBomb Arcade Yard Sale! Please adopt all the homeless babies!

Apple Jacket

This outfit is so sweet, I thought it would be cute to throw in some Skull earrings from Ricielli. I love things that look sweet from afar, but up-close you see it for what it is, bad ass skull earrings! 😀

Apple Jacket

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Harley (Peach)
Truth – Lyma (LightBlondes01)
Katat0nik – Apple Jacket Dress (Bright Red/Average) Collabor88
Katat0nik – Apple Scarf (Yellow) Collabor88
Ingenue – Paola Flats (Slink Add-on) Cerulean The Arcade
Ricielli – Skull Earring (Gold)
Schadenfreude – Chibi Cat/Unicat The Arcade
XOXOMela – KissKiss I (manicure)

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