Designers United 5

Designers United 5

Lu Waffle invited me to a sneak peek of Designers United 5, so I went to check it out! I rarely get invitations to events, probably cos people think I dislike events, but the truth is, I dislike being in crowded SL places. I have virtual Agoraphobia, okay? When I receive an invitation somewhere, I do make an effort to go, especially if it’s pre-opening where I can shop with few people around.

My impression of this year’s DU event is, it’s strange but intriguing. The theme is Surrealism, and I’m not a big fan of Surrealism (in art) but I do think that SL is the perfect place to create surreal images.

Designers United 5

I’m wearing the Usagi Mochi Ice Cream set from Ohmai, Pesca Outfit from BeettleBones, Koi Bag also from BeetleBones (it’s animated). I bought the Let’s Play at the home of Apple set from Poche, and I thought it was an Apple house, but it’s actually just a display. For this picture, I’ve resized it much larger so I could stand on it! The Trapaze Telephone Pole Pose Prop from Nuwiggles is in the background, it’s scripted with so many fun poses, I plan on rezzing it somewhere on Juicy sim!

Find everything @ Designers United 5 September 15th – October 4th

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Harley (Peach)
Exile – Whispers

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  1. I love this new hairdo from Exile. Headbands with huds are always fun, but this is different still. LOVE!

  2. <3 on behalf of sue too, we both thank you!!! Glad you liked the Trapaze Pose set as well which was terribly fun and a creation that was done on a whim *hugs*

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