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I love browsing through the Bubblegum Weekends group on Flickr, there are so many pictures of gorgeous hair colors that aren’t typically worn in SL. This blog challenge is ongoing, so feel free to join any time! 🙂


My favorite outfit at Designers United 5 is this Vanishing Clouds skirt & top from Teefy. This is the type of skirt that I would wear all the time in SL, just cos I love the bubbly shape.


I want G-Field to release SLink add-on shoes, or even more shoes!! I love the shoes colors at G-Field, they really do match all of my outfits (pastel & light colors). I don’t think any other brand in SL even comes close to offering all of my favorite colors the way that G-Field does! I don’t always match my shoes color to my outfit, but I love it when I can!

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Harley (Peach)
Truth Hair – Renata
Teefy – Vanishing Clouds Top (Sky) S, Skirt (Lavender) S
G-Field – Strap Shoes “Alex”
World Wide Industries – Army Girl Garters (Floral Pink)
Katat0nik – (Shy Bunny) Radio Necklace
BOOM – Friendship Bracelet (White), Knit Friendship Bracelet (two beat as one top)

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  1. yeah, the G Field colors. I tried to convince him once to do the Eve’s in even MORE colors… I think he thought I was crazy. But no matter how many colors there are, you always need one that doesn’t exist.

  2. It should be more socks and stockings for Slink feet too. Your outfit would not be so fun and quirky without the stockings. I don’t know how much work it is to make stocking appliers… maybe it is harder than I imagine.
    I really miss more add-on options for Slink too. But have you noticed how shoes sometimes look too big? Especially when I sized down my avatar to under 180 cm/5’10. The feet and shoes is not resizeable. One more reason to not go down to my RL height (168 cm/ 5’5).

  3. This hair is beautiful, I wasn’t sold on the demo but you look gorgeous and I’m going to try it again 🙂

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