My head is so tiny and adorable in this new Amanda hairstyle from LaViere! It’s such a shock cos I’m usually wearing long hair, but I loooooove it. LaViere hair is usually too small for me, but it does come with a resize script, so I was able to just click 5%+ a few times to enlarge it.

Does your avatar usually wear long or short hair?

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Harley (Peach)
LaViere – Amanda (FrostedPink)
Teefy – Bella Ruffles Camisole (Short)

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  1. My avi is generally in longer hair but I’m not opposed to shorter hairs, I just cant often find any I like. This is darling.
    Has anyone else noticed Harley has like a heartbroken look? She seems to look sad, she’s just precious!

  2. I guess I am obsessed with long hair both in RL and in SL. I can’t imagine myself or my avatar with short hair. But if I have to wear a short style in SL, a Bob style hair would be the shortest. This hair looks cute. Love the color…

  3. Depending on my outfit, some of the outfits have such a beautiful back side. You won’t be able to see that if hair is sticking to it.

  4. I only wear short hair or updos and always red. My favourite short hair is from Dura and I like it to be curly or wavy at least. I don’t like helmety mesh hair but never have had problems with prim hair in my body since I wear short.

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