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The Cupcakes Anonymous “Kawaii Sleep Over” Hunt ends on September 30th, if you haven’t checked it out yet! I’m terrible with hunts, and couldn’t find all the things I wanted, lol. I love the Overnight Duffle (Hearts edition) hunt item from Lark, can’t wait for the full release with even more textures!

I’m at The Trace sim, as seen on Ziki’s blog.

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Harley (Peach)
Wasabi Pills – Melissa Mesh Hair (Chocolate)
Ricielli Mesh – (S) Hot Pants /brown
Ricielli Mesh – (S) Jeans Coat /medium blue
Ricielli Mesh – (S) Undershirt II for Leather Coat /gold
Lark – Overnight Duffle (Hearts)
Ingenue – Delia Heels (Lake)
Filthy – F-Piercing_#1_v.2

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  1. Victoria MacFanatic

    Gold and I want to say thank you so much for blogging our hunt. We are avid long time followers of your blog and it’s been one of our online dreams to be blogged by you one day but knew the chances were slim due to the fact you don’t blog hunts often. So we deeply appreciate this.

    Tori & Gold (Owners & co-organizers of Cupcakes Anonymous Hunt)

    • gogo

      Aw, you guys are so sweet! <3

  2. Divine Melodie

    I must be completely blind but I can’t find that coat at R.icielli. Anything else, yes but not that coat… Can someone help me out please? I’ll be eternally grateful lol

    • Gwyneth Wildehart

      Me too, Divine. I can´t find it there and on marketplace either 🙁

      • Molly

        I’m looking for that coat too.. can’t find it anywhere. Can’t find the undershirt either.

  3. Zim

    I think the hunt page could have been a little more helpful, maybe the slurl of each shop so if you don’t want a certain item you can skip it and the Hunt Prize Images link is dead just sends back Not Found The URL you requested could not be found error.
    Lastly, 5 L is NOT a “prize”, I know its not much, but it is more then I’m willing to pay for something sight unseen and it is not the definition of “prize”
    Prize = A thing GIVEN as a reward.
    Given = Bestowed as a GIFT
    Gift = A thing given willingly to someone without payment; a present.
    So even a 1 L hunt “prize” is NOT a prize! Perhaps hunt organizers who make you pay should start calling their hunt “prizes”, hunt items instead.
    Sure setting up hunts and making the items takes time and effort, however, I think the fact that people working through the hunt have to search for the prize and in so doing might find other things for sale they possibly buy or just generally like the shop and take LM’s to visit in the future its a great advertizement for their stores so that should negate the extra 1 -5 L money grab.
    Just my opinion but the 1-10 L “prize hunts” are cheesy way to get more money for something that should be given freely!

    • Q

      If I’m not mistaken there are SLURLs to the individual stores and the images to them. I can see the images just fine and have skipped prizes I didn’t want. It may not be free but 5L is not a lot to ask for for some nice quality items like the bag in the blog post. I’d rather pay 5L than 100-200L that it probably would regularly be.

    • Victoria MacFanatic

      The link Gogo provided on the page is the current link. The tumblr was scratched early on due to coding difficulty and the tumblr has a forwarding link to the blogspot. All the SLURLs are included on the page, as well as the hunt hints and hunt images. We believe since it is not a free hunt that the items should have ads and hints to make the hunt easier for the hunters. The objective of the hunt is not to provide free items or gifts. It is to give shoppers a chance to get a great item for a ridiculously low price for the small hassle of having to search for it vs flat out buying it. The items are exclusive to the hunt during the hunt and a lot of our designers made items especially for the hunt. I’m sorry you find it “cheesy” or in poor taste to charge 5L for an item that can cost well over 100L to make in uploads and not to mention time in photoshop and/or blender. The stores that can and will do absolutely free hunts are awesome places because I can tell you from personal experience that they typically do not lead to decent profit for that store and they truly are a gift and not a prize. In my opinion, items should never be expected to be free from the customer, I feel that’s a heavily entitled statement for the reasons I have listed above. I deeply appreciate everyone who participated in this hunt and I believe the time they spent making the item is well worth the small price of 5L per item. Also, there are prize raffles which people have to pay into, they pay a certain price and can have a chance at winning a large prize. This hunt however, is a guarantee that you will “win” that prize for the set amount.

  4. Zim

    My original post was made based on an erroneous link posted here, sure NOW the one provided takes you to a better page, however when I read this post on Sept 25th the link took me 2 which is far less informative and I saw nothing to warrant spending 5L on at that time!
    As I stated clearly it is a matter of defining what you are hunting for, nothing to do with feeling entitled, a prize is FREE, calling them items would be more appropriate, sure 5L is not a lot, but its still not a prize!
    As far as these poor vendors being in a hunt and it not being profitable that’s a bunch of [insert favorite expletive here] The hunt is getting customers to their shops, where they can get hooked on playing their gacha machines or see something else they might want to buy, THAT should be enough! I know someone who spent over 1000 L extra in Lark buying a few things and playing a gacha machine for socks so please do not tell me they dont make out well, if their work is good they will see profit!
    Whatever you call your raffles the definition of PRIZE remains
    Prize = A thing GIVEN as a reward.
    Given = Bestowed as a GIFT
    Gift = A thing given willingly to someone without payment; a present.
    PS…the main objective of a hunt is to promote your shop, get people in to see what you have to offer, and in the case with many hunts it is to give away free items to the people doing the hunt in order for them to see what great work you can do in the hopes that maybe they will like what they see and come back to spend more L in future!
    That is all.

  5. Chantel Ashdene

    I want that bag!

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