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Editing Shape w/o the Light & Pose

Editing Shape w/o the Light & Pose

It use to drive me insane when I tried to edit my shape, and the glaring bright light made it impossible to see my avatar’s features! I also was not a fan of the ‘edit’ pose, cos I prefer to use my own poses — even when I’m editing jewelry or clothes. A few years ago, I think SL introduced a feature in the official viewer (and maybe TPVs too), to  uncheck going into the automatic position for appearance and build/edit. I’ll show you guys how!

I had assumed that many people already knew about this lil’ feature, but I asked my friends and some of them didn’t know.

I’m using the official SL viewer, with the Starlight skin, so the instructions are for this viewer only, but it’s probably similar in TPVs.

To get rid of the edit pose:

Go to Preferences -> Move/View/Display tab -> Move/View tab -> find Automatic position for: Build/Edit and Appearance, uncheck Appearance.

I have Build/Edit unchecked too, but just the Appearance controls Editing Shape.

Now let’s talk about the bright light! I actually accidentally discovered this, when I asked my friend if she had the light and she said yes, since I haven’t seen it myself in years. What I discovered was that, with low graphic settings, you will get the light when editing appearance, cos “Advanced Lighting Model” is disabled/unchecked.

To get rid of the light:

Go to Preferences -> Graphics tab -> make sure your graphics Quality is higher than Low, Advanced Lighting Model should be checked. That’s it. It’s usually on  by default, if your graphics quality is Medium to High.

Since the introduction of mesh clothing, I like to stand on my pose stand, change my outfits, and adjust my shape to fit the clothes without going into the editing pose! It’s sooooo useful, I hope this helps you guys too!

Happy Editing!

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  1. Willow

    Huh, I didn’t realize this lighting was attached to ALM. Thanks!
    Firestorm users can find 3 auto pose options to enable/disable in Preferences – Move & View – View subtab – (1) Buiild/Edit, (2) Appearance, and (3) Add Additional Lighting

  2. Willow L

    thanks Gogo, that light was driving me crazy

  3. Jade Glazner

    I haven’t used the official viewer in years so I don’t know if that one has it but on Firestorm in the preferences under the Move and View tab, right next to where the option is for disabling the automatic posing, is also an option to disable the additional lighting and it’ll work regardless of your graphics settings. 🙂

  4. majik

    i have firestorm….i never seen the light….lol….before firestorm i had phoenix……ever since i discovered phoenix/firestorm i have never used the second life viewer…..

  5. Chantel Ashdene

    Oh wow, thanks! And cute look, btw, I miss your pink hair posts ♥

  6. Kristin Burner

    hi 🙂

    I don’t see the light either and i have never used ALM (5+ year old graphics). I believe its my windlight setting that makes it not show up. Its hard to remember as i have had it disabled for almost 5 years now. But i also always run with local lights off, so that may be whats really doing it.

  7. Eliza Quixote

    Thank you for this!!!

  8. KaraLee Aeon

    thank you! I was just going crazy over that damn light <333333

  9. Kaylae

    One of the best tips I ever received – SO annoying when your on a pose stand. Worked right away for me using FS

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