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It’s Black and White


This gorgeous new Chanise dress from Compulsion is so sexy! I love style & lace, especially the backside, it’s so well done and fits perfectly. The fatpack includes a HUD to change color, but you can also buy individual colors too.


KoiKoi is the new footwear brand from Eku Zhong, whom you may know from Culprit and a few other projects on the grid! The gorgeous Gloss Pumps include a HUD to change the Trim, Shoe, and Heel, so you can mix-and-match to create your own unique pair! I think the heel shape is gorgeous on these, very well-balanced.

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Harley (Peach)
Truth – Ursula (Swedish)
G-Field – Ribbon (Single) Headband (Black)
Compulsion – Chanise (S)
KoiKoi – Gloss Pumps
Mon Tissu – Sophmore Satche (Down Strap) Matted Black

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  1. eku

    Thank you so much Gogo, I am so happy you like them.

  2. Jade Glazner

    Those are some awesome pumps. I LOVE the heels too, usually I see a lot of designers make the heels way too thin so this thick one is a nice change for sure. Are these slink add-ons? I can’t tell for sure from the pic but it looks like it?

    • gogo

      Yep, SLink

  3. Chantel Ashdene

    Aw wow, looking very classy, what a gorgeous dress!

  4. Jade Glazner

    I just bought them in Black, and there is no HUD at all. ;o The demo is a little misleading because you have the HUD to change the heel and trim options but I guess it’s only available for the fatty pack? I thought I’d at least be able to change the heel and trim colors in the single-color pack but nope! Still great shoes, but I’m a bit disappointed with that and probably won’t wear them as often as I originally intended to. I wanted to wear black with the tan heel. ;o

    • gogo

      Def ask about it!

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