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Malt, Selena

Malt, Selena

As you may have heard, Squinternet Larnia passed away this morning. I’m so sad SL lost such a talented creator, but also feel incredibly blessed that she shared her talents with us for so many years. Rest in peace, Squinternet, may your lovely creations live on in SL forever.

Malt, Selena

My friend Khea Karas of Malt, released this gorgeous new Selena dress with a floral print today. It’s so lovely and goes perfectly well with the MAE necklace from Donna Flora. You can actually still buy Donna Flora items at her store, until tier is no longer paid and/or the sim goes away, whichever happens first. My deepest wish is for her store to stay on the grid forever, so I do hope people pay a visit and buy tons of stuff.

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Harley (Peach)
Exile – Just A Reasion
BOOM – Nature’s Crown (Dark Pink)
Donna Flora – MAE Necklace
Malt – Selena Dress (S) Candy Apple
Flair – Fingernails Appliers SLink (Set 125)

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  1. Chalice (Cha Cha) Carling

    Oh I’m so sad to hear that. I was praying for a miracle for her. You are so right…she shared herself with us through her amazing talents.

  2. Chantel Ashdene

    RiP Squinternet πŸ™
    This dress is so gorgeous, I went straight out and grabbed one. Very impressed with the prices, too!
    You look ridiculously pretty here!

  3. Gloria Cimino

    she’s creating for angels now

  4. Kyra

    I read she loved life … To me life really sucks sometimes when such kind and just wonderful people die before their time. It’s a big tragedy. Rest in peace <3

  5. Kouralee

    It saddened me so much to find that out yesterday. I love her store and all her creations. I went there today but could not find the Mae necklace. I really hope it doesn’t close.

  6. ana

    i bought so many things from her store after the event that was held in her honor. she was a magnificent creator. the items in my inventory mean something to me now.

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