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Allow me to whine for a bit here, cos my hard drive failed this weekend and I had to get a new one. I recovered all of my personal files, but lost everything else (programs, settings). I thought everything was alright, but my new drive started to give some errors too, even with nothing installed on it. I can’t wait to save up for this sexy Apple iMac cos I heard that Macs are magical and never have issues! 😀

I logged into SL cos I’m so behind on all the fabulous new releases this weekend!

If you haven’t heard, Luxuria relaunched this weekend with fabulous new lingerie, corsets, stockings, and tattoo makeup! As I’ve said many times before, texture clothing, especially under-garments is still desired on the grid! Roslin Petion does an amazing job with texturing and seams, which I’ve heard is no easy task!


SLink released an update for the SLink Avatar Enhancement Hands & Barefeet (for men too!). Usually I try to blog about a new release/extensive update, but I don’t think I could do a better post than what Berry has already covered, so go read all about the latest SLink AE Updates here.


A new round of My Attic started! The theme is Flowers in My Attic, which reminds me of the Flowers In The Attic book by V.C. Andrews. Did you ever read these books? Find the Sugar High hair that I’m wearing from Exile, new Flair nails, and ABC White Roses Topiary from Ohmai at My Attic!

I’m laying on the fabulous Haran Console from Lark, get it at The Neighborhood.

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Harley (Peach)
Exile – Sugar High
Luxuria – Amalie (Sage Green)
Ingenue – Delia Heels
Lark – Haran Console
MudHoney – Addison Chandelier (Yellow)
Ohmai – White Roses Topiary

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  1. Ginger Lynn

    You’re so right. Macs are awesome. After using Windows for years, I switched to Mac last year and I’ve never had a single problem. Good choice! 🙂

    • gogo

      I love my computer, but I’m frustrated that when something breaks, I have to spend hours/days figuring out what the problem is, and sometimes I’m wrong! I guess I’m getting too impatient with random hardware failures.

  2. Maya Southmoor

    I actually prefer normal windows PCs to Macs since I generally understand what my pc does and yes they do go wrong and they do die but I find it just a hassle to get windows stuff to work on Macs. I build my own systems so I guess I’m just more used to it when things do blow up.

  3. Tracy Redangel

    I’ve been a Mac owner for about 18 years so I’m probably a little biases lol. They do last a long time, and yes with very little maintenance. The downside is because iMacs are literally ‘plug and go’ computers (seriously, you literally just unpack it, plug it in and it’s pretty much ready to go) is you can’t do much upgrading to them either. My advice would be if you’re really set on a Mac, get one with the highest specs because it will last longer. I’ve had my iMac since 2009, and it still runs great, and can even handle SL reasonably well. My husband has an Asus gaming computer, which is also really nice. He’s had it for 2 years with no serious issues. But really…seeing SL all big and beautiful on a 27″ all-glass monitor is nice 😀

    • gogo

      /Drools!!!!!! Wish I could get one today!

  4. Roslin Petion

    Thank you so much for the lovely compliments. Sorry to hear you’ve been having computer issues. As far as Macs go, btw, I will say there are pros and cons and I agree with Tracy’s suggestion. You also should splurge for Apple Care too.

  5. Profane Littlething

    I switched to a Mac 5 years ago. After owning a Dell that gave me nothing but issues since the day I opened the box, Dell customer service giving me the run around until my warranty was up I have owned the SAME Mac and never had one issue with it.
    The only thing I have had to do was add some more ram to it which was SO easy for me to install myself. When I used a PC I would never dream of having the same machine for more than 4 years. By year 2 you are starting to want an upgrade. By year 4 you are beyond needing an upgrade.
    I am sure if I went out today and bought the most recent Mac I would be blown away…but honestly I am still very satisfied with the one I have. 🙂

  6. CronoCloud Creeggan

    That hair is cute and I’m glad Luxuria is relaunched. 🙂

    I run Linux myself and always recommend something Unix-y/Unix-like, either Linux or OSX over Windows.

  7. Chantel Ashdene

    Nice butt, how about showing us how the new Phat Azz works with your shape?
    I’d like to see, lol 😛

  8. JMB1

    Well I switched to mac 5 years ago but I’m afraid they are not as problem free as people would like to have you believe. My 16 month old retina macbook pro had $2200 worth of repairs in its time and finally Apple gave up on it and presented me with a new one, a couple of weeks ago. Luckily the repairs were done under warranty and Applecare and were no cost to me. But after a new display, two new trackpads, one wifi card, a logics card and a new charger, it was deemed not worth repairing again when I had the latest problems. I’m very glad I live close to an Apple store!

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