The Body Modification Expo

cheLLe - Powder

cheLLe – Powder tattoo eyeshadow set

cheLLe - Classy Nude

cheLLe – Classy Nude nails

cheLLe - Ice Cream

cheLLe – Ice Cream nails

✿ cheLLe ✿ is at The Body Modification Expo, brought to you by Depraved Nation. This event focuses on accessories, piercings, tattoos, make-ups, etc! Here’s a direct SLurl to cheLLe’s location, be sure to visit from now until November 3rd!

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  1. I am actually quite disappointed in the entire expo! I loved your stuff Gogo and bought some of the eyemakeup, but as for the rest of the expo, I felt it was mostly clothes, necklaces, bracelets, hair and other random non-body mod accessories. Specifically SHOES! There were so many shoes there!

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