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Last year, New Trails gave this adorable Halloween gift with skulls, and I didn’t have a chance to use it until now! Finally! The skulls are so festive, really great for Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead. I’m not big on Halloween or ‘scary’ things, but I do like dressing up!

Katat0nik just released this adorable Dia de los Muertos Skull Jacket Dress, Skull Scarf, and Makeup!! I’m not wearing the makeup in this post, but I tried it on and I love it! It can be worn over any skin.

What are you guys dressing up as, for SL Halloween?


What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel Skin
TRUTH – Aria 2 (LightBlondes01)
katat0nik – (black) Skull Scarf
katat0nik – (black/Average) Skull Jacket Dress
Ingenue – Delia Heels (Noir)
New Trails Halloween-gift/Calavera/Skull with sitanimations
(last year’s, probably no longer available)

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  1. Sans

    I think you have a distinctive style and it’s great (other than the awful Indian headdress you wore in August, but I’ve already complained about that). I’ve seen a lot of other avatars copy your look all over the grid.

    Not even tangential to that, but because I saw the hair and want some but have reached my budget limit for the week: I wish Truth would offer a shopper loyalty program where you could buy like, five or six or ten hairs (one color) and get a free hair style. Buy Ten, get one Free. Or Buy Three FatPacks, Get One Free. I know it would be a lot of extra work for him to install the scripts to do that (Cory Edo has a discount applied after purchase at Trompe l’Oeil. So does Elika.) but it would make me shop there more often, and I would probably have earned thirty free hair styles at this point.

    Anyway, just keep on being you. You’re the only blogger I’ve consistently read for the past six years or so, and I appreciate your work here. Thanks.

    • gogo

      Six years! You’re a veteran! 🙂

    • CronoCloud Creeggan

      I’m with Sans, while your style is more youthful than I usually wear, you always have cute stuff. Like Sans, I’ve seen a few Gogo-clones out there…heck even I have done Gogo-ish looks. (It’s why I have a few Truth hairs in Light Blonde as well as my usual red pack)

      And I’m all for some kind of rewards program for Truth.

      I don’t think I’ve been reading Juicybomb as long as Sans…it’s been a few years…but not 6.

    • Kirsten Corleone

      Truth does have a reward program. Every time you buy a hair it will tell you what your total is in the green writing on the screen. When you get up to 250L you can buy a free hair by just clicking the vendor and picking it out of the pie menu rather than clicking buy. Its not a lot though. I buy tons of hair and I am ALMOST at 250! I think the last one I bought said my total was like 213 or something close to that. I think it only works for hair you buy in his store, but I am not sure about that.

      • Sans

        Wow, thanks for letting me know about that. I always buy Truth on the Marketplace because of lag in the store, but I’ll be going to the store from now on! <3

        • gogo

          JuicyBomb readers are sooooo smart, they know everything! 🙂

  2. Kiara Mazi

    I think you are wonderful, and I’ve been blogging for SL for a very long time. Ive been following you for years. Check my profile. I think he is a very sad person with no class. This is high fashion. It’s not always meant to look cutesy or stylish. Sometimes its also creative, expressive, pushing the limits, fierce and provocative. Forget this philistine and remember who you are. And that’s fabulous my friend. You are at the top of your game. No pun intended. Lol.

  3. Melanie

    I despise people who look to dis other people’s “style” in SL as a way to talk smack about them.

    They make themselves look like pretentious douchebags.

  4. Sarah

    What I would like to know is, if your style is so horrific why are they looking at your blog in the first place?

  5. Asomi

    I’m surprised so many people we’re truthful. I figured it’d be over 1,000 people saying “nooo Gogo don’t listn 2 htrs!” I’m positive Gogo isn’t some frail chick. She can handle criticism.

  6. Cajsa Lilliehook

    There are a lot of zero-sum thinkers out there who think because your blog is the most widely read, you are taking away their readership. They wrongly think if they bring you down, their fortunes will go up. It’s stupid and silly and oh-so-petty. Don’t waste time on them. And don’t use polls that let one person vote multiple times because you know that hater is voting over and over and over again.

    • gogo

      Not all readers have to like my style, but they’re still a reader. Thank you for all the hitssssssssss! 🙂

  7. dorradebsPoptart

    Style is so personal! I prefer your blog/style then a lot of the newer ones out there. I guess I am showing my age when I say I don’t like the drop crotch, tattooed and overly pierced looks.

  8. Tiki Sinister

    Absolutely love your blog! In a Sl world where everyone looking to stand out looks the same. You actually do stand out with your own unique taste. Style is an art of its own and art is subjective. As long as you enjoy what you do there is no reason to change it.

  9. Rayne Clowd

    if you have horrific style then I do too and I can live with that….I am still trying to make a red head clone of you *winks*

  10. cryslexenstar

    I will have to disagree when you say that when we insult your style, we insult the designers. I’ve saw some amazing clothing being worn in horrid ways….. in SL and in RL. I could wear the most amazing Versace dress but make it look like shit. Doesn’t mean that those who hate the outfit, hate Versace…. they just hate how I’m wearing it, they in turn… hate my style.
    Not trying to say what you said is just an excuse for you, but….. you cant pin the insult on the clothes and the designers because they don’t like what you’ve done with an outfit. Who cares if they don’t like you’re wearing (everyone has their own personal style)… as long as you like it, thats all that matters.

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