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I love short dresses with realistic looking satin fabric! The new Daena dress from Compulsion Overdrive also includes this adorable sash with a bow. The HUD changes the color of the dress & sash, and the option to turn the bow off.

I’ve noticed a couple of designers shading the torso to show off the stomach area, but I’m not sure if I like it on me! I feel like it makes my avatar look pudgy… LOL. Do you guys like torso shading?

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel Skin
Truth – Tenille (Swedish)
Compulsion – Daena
Leverocci – Satin Wrap Heels (White)
Paper Couture – Jade Necklace & Earrings (Egg Shell)

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  1. anahata

    is leverocci in world, i can’t seem to find it. i’ve been in the store before but now i can’t seem to figure out where it went. just seen it on the marketplace.

    yeah the torso shading can make one look like they are expecting.

  2. Compulsion

    awww you look cute not pudgy.

    maybe I’m biased though 😛 lol

  3. Miraje Miami

    Looks more realistic with the shadows.

  4. Brit Ryne

    You look gorgeous but unfortunately I agree, the torso shading over the stomach makes the avi look ‘bloated’, which is not a great look. Thanks for showing us how it is

  5. Delilas

    I think it works in some cases – simply makes the dress look skin tight 🙂 Sometimes though, it’s overdone, too dark, or too rounded and does give off that bloated look!

  6. Laurelin Nuvolari

    Gogo, don’t regard the opinions of others. My dad used to tell me opinions are like dog butts, every dog has one.

    I think you have great style. I have been reading you for years. If they don’t like you, no one is forcing them to look up your blog site.

  7. Ivy

    I LOVE a well-done torso/belly shading.
    I think it looks very sensual and cute, and realistic. I didn’t know I missed this on the avs before they started shading it differently. Now I think the flat look is missing something. Just flat boring.

    Love a little belly shading<3
    (tho I agree some shade it way too harsh…)

  8. Lourdes Denimore

    The torso shading either looks realistic or totally ridiculous. On the dress you are wearing with the lighting and the pose its looks pretty good.

  9. Chantel Ashdene

    Looking absolutely stunning, I personally like the shading. You don’t look pudgy you look adorable =)

  10. penfold

    Tbh honest gogo your stomach is fine and i feel like it depicts a real woman not a size 0…. the definition on this dress is life like and dam cute!! deff will be recommending to my girly friends XD

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