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New Exile hair, so fab

Exile new textures!!

Happy Halloween! This gorgeous new Hollywood Nights hairstyle is from Exile, and comes in NEW delicious colors that reminds me of candy. The Wild Fusion 1 and 2 HUDs are to die for! Visit the Exile blog to see all 5 new hairstyles, and more info about the new release.

Exile HUD

New HUD design!

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  1. Layla Munster

    These new releases by Exile make me think that Kavar hired Tommy Fairplay to make hair for him. They are very similar to his templates and Damselfly takes private orders to make exclusive styles for shops. They are very far from Exile’s normal style and very close to Damselfly’s. All 5 new ones from the 30th October. I was o.O.

    • gogo

      Kavar probably will have a heart attack when he reads this! All Exile hairstyles are 100% original mesh, created by Kavar and exclusively available for his brand only. I know he likes to experiment with lots of different styles/techniques, so these may look a bit different from the previous releases. I have no idea what Damselfly’s hair looks like, since I don’t own any, but you should definitely try these! They look great on! πŸ™‚

    • Kavar

      Hiya, just wanted to respond to say that is insane lol. Sorry, if I didn’t like making things I would just stop, all of my hairs are 100% my creation love them or hate them and I don’t really see any similarities to the template hairs though I guess there must be some as several people contacted me worried that castilion (a brand using the templates) were somehow rips of my old hair and that was weeks before this release but they aren’t. (was probably helped by the fact they kept dropping their ads in my flickr group until I finally had to block them from it).

      Anyway its totally fine if you don’t like them but its kind of crazy to think I would send out for hairstyles after 6 years lol.

  2. Layla Munster

    Oh, no, please! No heart attacks! We need him all healthy to continue making awesome releases! πŸ˜€ I did try but did not buy them because these are really chunky compared to former ones.

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