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Oh Deer

Oh Deer

This post will have too many pictures, cos I couldn’t decide on which head band to wear! I love them all! The Imogen Headpiece from GSpot is available at Horrorfest, and comes in a variety of colors. At first glance, I fell in love with the adorable flowers, but if you look closely, those are snakes, not twigs! Let’s pretend they’re not snakes though!

Oh Deer

This is from Anc Ltd (@ Horrorfest), I’m wearing the Royal Crown (Gold RARE) and Royal Orv (Red). It’s a gacha item, and I wanted the Pink set but didn’t get Pink! I got some random colors and this rare Royal Crown, which is scripted with a color-change script, so yay!

Oh Deer

Ely Hynes gave me a Halloween Band (Angel) from VCO and I looove it! This headband is a gacha item at the Halloween Mini Market, such a cute place. You can also get this gorgeous pair of La Luna Strap Heels from B.C.C. there.

La Luna

Oh Deer

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel Skin
Truth – Abra
GO – cocoon shirt (M) Deer
Teefy – Basics HighWaist Short Denim Skirt (Mint) S
B.C.C. – La Luna Strap Heels
Schadenfreude – Chibi Cat: Unicat RARE

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  1. Jalilah Jewell

    Thank you so much for showing the headpiece! I love the how you assembled the outfit!

  2. lovely

    those twig/snakes look a bit…phallic at first glance. together with those flowers…CLEARLY I’M OVERTHINKING THIS. i <3 gspot though ๐Ÿ˜€

    the 2nd hat makes you look like nefertiti, very fab

  3. Roos

    I was looking for the headpiece but I couldn’t find it only little monsters!!

    Imogen Headpiece from GSpot

  4. caramia Mizin

    Love the winged heels Gogo!!

  5. Chantel Ashdene

    That top photo is just gorgeous! Loving the flowers!

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