New Mayfly Luminous Eyes


New Mayfly Luminous Eyes, some old favorite colors + new ones! These eyes now have different reflection options, and tons more added to the script to really customize to your heart’s desire! I think they’re great looking, and the clarity is probably the best in SL. These are mesh eyes so the quality is actually better than your (texture) skin. I wear my Mayfly mesh eyes with lighter whites, shadows, and reflections, cos if it’s too dark, it is way too intense for my SL skin and stands out too much.

Keep an eye on the Mayfly blog, cos I don’t know when these will be out! Soon though! 🙂

Have you ever noticed that high-resolution mesh eyes sometimes looks “off” on your avatar, especially if it has some ultra realistic veins or textures?


What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel Skin
LeLutka – Serena (Marilyn)
Mayfly – Luminous Eyes (Paris Green)
Emery – Sweater Luck
Monso – My Cotton Jean (Navy 2)
Monso – My Leather Oxford Shoes

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  1. Note: I can’t speak for Mayfly eyes, but just a general note… besides the uber-ultra detail, I cannot really bring myself to stuff a huge 1024×1024 texture, like some creators use, on something so little as eyes. Hence why I quickly returned to system eyes, only using mesh ones for specific photo purposes.

    • I second this, especially considering that oversized, unoptimized textures are one of the biggest reasons for graphics-related lag in SL.

      • Hi there, all the textures on Mayfly eyes are 256 x 256, so that should ease some of your very valid concerns. 🙂

        For texture geeks…
        Larger than that and the resolution of the eyes actually appear blurred at most distances. There’s not much point in using even 512 size because to get the full advantage of the texture, your eyes would have to be 512 pixels across on the screen, and that will never happen. 😉

        ~ Keshie (of Mayfly)

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