Steampunk Princess


Meet my new pet everybody! The Steampunk Squirrel Companion from Ohmai is adorable!!! I looooove this lil’ guy, and his adorable aviator. There’s also a human sized pair for your avatar! YAY. I will wear mine everywhere.


This Pastel Teal hair color from Exile is stunning! The entire Pastels texture collection is really gorgeous, reminds me of frozen yogurt. I am wearing the Dream of Paradise hairstyle, it’s so regal and perfect. This amazing new Metal Corset Dress from Katat0nik is a departure from her usual Kawaii-inspired style, but I love it! This is so beautifully done and unique! I also love the matching Metal Bow!!

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel Skin
Exile – Dream of Paradise
Katat0nik – Metal Corset Dress
Katat0nik – Metal Bow
Ingenue – Odette Heels
Donna Flora – Camelia Ring
Ohmai – Steampunk Albino Squirrel / Sit Animated

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