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“Cake,” I said to myself, as I was deciding on an outfit for my first post here, “you can do this. And you don’t have to blog like Gogo. You guys are totally different anyway.”

Which is true!  Gogo and I are like sun and moon.  She likes pink everything and hates horror films.  I like turquoise things and macabre subjects.  She likes pop, I like heavy metal and rap.  She hates hand-drawn skins, I love the hell out of them.  Which means if she posts something she hates, I might even do a counter-post on why I like it.


My name is Cake, I’m like this mini-opposite-Gogo who will be posting here when she isn’t.

I’m pretty sure my time here will be interesting.

What I’m Wearing:

Skin:  Pink Fuel – Harley
Jacket:  Teefy – Faux Fur Coat (Brown)
Top:  Tres Blah – Strapless Ditsy Floral Top
Hair:  Exile – Crazy In Love (Marone)
Skirt:  Tres Blah – C88 Maxi Skirt
Glasses:  Kauna – Safety Glasses
Earrings:  Donna Flora – Viola Earrings
Necklace:  Yummy – Waxing Moon Enchantment Pendant
Location:  Suntory Time

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  1. sylvan


  2. Kirsten Corleone

    Welcome to blogging =) I have been worried about Gogo and all the haters. I miss her posts, but I am glad she has a friend to help with posting. I hope it relieves some of the pressure of blogging for her. =)

    • aemeth

      Thank you! I’m happy to help.

  3. Profane Littlething

    Nice to meet you Cake! Lovin’ your first post…hope you’ll be giving us lots more! 🙂 Question….What would be an example of a non hand drawn skin? I mean…I have seen some bad skins that I would say are cut/paste job but I thought all the good ones were hand drawn…including Gogo’s.

    • aemeth

      A non hand drawn skin is something like Chip Midnight’s skins when he was originally making them. The skin is photosourced instead of features being drawn on. Filthy skins, as well, I’ve bought a template pack from them before that had photosourced items that I played around with. On the contrary, a skin like Nylon Outfitters is hand-drawn. A skin like Pink Fuel might be a combination (I think? But Mochi can correct me if I’m wrong).

      • mochimilena

        Hi Cake! Most definitely! I use a combination of RL resources from and my tablet in Photoshop. I think the “hybrid” style is my favorite to work on. However, I admire all skins from hand-drawn to uber-realistic. I think it’s more of an admiration for the different skill set that is required to make them.

        Great intro post by the way! Looking forward to see more from you in the future.

    • Browser

      Check out Fade Lei’s shop: Ugly Duck, for some beautiful examples of hand drawn skins. 🙂

  4. caramia Mizin

    Coeee Ms Cake, welcome to the Juicybomb!
    Can you list some LM so I take a good look at ‘hand drawn skins’ please?
    Happy Blogging!

    • aemeth

      Well, Tres Blah and Nylon Outfitters would be a good start. I’m not logged in right now but those are two good ones to look up.

  5. Chantel Ashdene

    Hey Cake, welcome to blogging on Juicybomb.Com! I am looking forward to reading more of your posts, already loving your style from these pics!

  6. Asomi

    Your style is definitely different, that’s for sure. It’s refreshing. 🙂

  7. eku

    Juicy and Cake.. now that is a truly good combination… <3

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