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Strawberry Delight


Meet Kirsten Corleone! She likes sparkly Pink banners, singing, shopping, blogging, and of course, Hiram. I met Kirsten recently, and I think she’s one of the nicest, warmest people you’ll come across in SL. When I stumbled across her blog a few months ago, I noticed that she had recordings of herself singing so I listened to them, and I think she’s really good and sounds adorable!!!!!! I’ve always wanted to be able to sing well, so I admire this so much!


Thank you Kirsten for posing for me! I don’t photograph other residents often, so when I asked Kirsten, I was super nervous about it! She was really easy-going and patient while I posed her in dozens of poses around the Artilleri sim.


What Kirsten is Wearing:

Lamb – True Faith (Refreshed Blondes)
Glam Affair – Amberly (Jamaica)
RIPE – Strawberry Delight Necklace
Xplosion – Petticoat (Red)
Chop Zuey – Joy Plt Diam Engagement Ring (From Hiram! Her true love :D)
Whatever – High Heel 2.0 (Red)

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  1. anahata

    back when i was blogging kirsten commented on one of my entries, and it made my day. i had been following her blog and she was like a celebrity to me. to have her comment was a really special thing. she’s awesome.

  2. veruca monday

    i love these pics! kirsten looks so lovely, as she always does. i’ve been lucky to have known her a couple years now at least, and i want to say that as gorgeous as she is, she is just as intelligent, knowledgeable and warm and friendly. her blog is fantastic too – so pretty as well as very informative. i’m always learning new things from kirsten. it’s really nice to see her recognized here 😀

  3. SuMuinen DeCuir

    Yay! I adore Kirsten and love this write-up you did on her. You captured some great shots. I met her through another group while the group had a mini fashion “thing” years ago – it was so much fun, but the best part was making a friend. She is sweet, sharing, and very thoughtful and it’s lovely to see her recognized here. (Hi Veruca!!)

  4. Hempy Weezles

    I love this Article Gogo!! Kirsten is a great friend I met her back when she used to be a designer and had a store called Pretty in Pink! Even back then she and Hiram were the perfect couple .. Your pictures are great! Keep it up! Xoxox

  5. Kirsten Corleone

    Gogo, I have started writing this reply a few times and nothing seems fitting for what this meant to me. I was so honored when you told me you wanted to photograph me. It was such a fun rewarding experience! I have been a huge fan of your blog for years and it is so nice to call you a friend now. The pictures are beautiful! Thank you for making me shine =)

    Ana, Veruca, Su, and Hempy- Thank you all for your kind words! It is my honor to know you all and count you as a friend. HUGS =)

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