JuicyBomb 2013 Annual Report

JuicyBomb 2013 Annual Report

Jetpack sent me the annual report for JuicyBomb, I totally look forward to this every year. Here it is: JuicyBomb 2013 Annual Report! It’s so nice to see my blogging efforts summarized and displayed in a festive fashion. I love fireworks! 🙂

Big thanks to the top commenters: Chantel Ashdene, Veronika Larsson (even though you’re totally insane, and was often rude to me), and Raven Serrurier!

Thank you so much for being the best blog readers on the grid!

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  1. For as big as this blog is, you seem to get VERY LITTLE traffic to your Sim o.o since this is the 2013 annual report, I thought it was sort of relevant…

  2. Hahah, I’m a Swede and read Metro like every day. When I saw this comment you made about Veronika I instantly thought of this fake-Veronika, though I didn’t know she used SL and the name Larsson.

    Has she been commenting often? About what?
    She seems to just have been created for PR-purposes. Or something.

    • I mean, I don’t get it that she’d be a top commentor here on Juicybomb…. Like.. Why..

        • Yeah, I read her SL name’s that. 😉 Lol.
          I just don’t get why she’d comment on this blog. I’ve read some of her comments now and they’re mainly just blah. Not like those comments she made on news-sites etc which had more of a sense.

  3. amazing numbers. well compared to mine. i always like to see how people got to my blog, it’s usually google searches for ‘boobs’ ‘tight jeans’ ‘sluts’. so most of my blog audience is disappointed basement dwellers.

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