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Just call me Gogo Everdeen! This Dango Arrow & Bow Set from Teefy is so perfect. I have a large collection of weapons in SL, but none as cute as these! The entire Food War Mania collection from Teefy are must-haves!


The First Snow Hooded Dress/Hair from Exile, also at the Arcade, works well for this Katniss-inspired look too. To complete the look, I am wearing the newly released Arcadius Sandals from ANE.


Have a delicious day!

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What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel Skin
Exile – First Snow
ANE – Arcadius Sandals (Umber)

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  1. Gamer

    It’s more like Effie Trinket inspired look in my opinion.

    • NR

      I’m thinking you’ve never seen hunger games….cuz that’s not even remotely similar to an “effie” look/outfit.

      • gogo

        I’ve seen both movies, thanks.

        • NR

          that reply wasn’t to you…it was to gamer. o.O

      • Gamer

        All those pastel colors… Come on could that even be Katniss just because she has an arrow and bow made of candies? πŸ˜€
        Fyi I read the books also. Not just watched the movies…

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