Happy New Year!

Happy New Year

It’s 2014!

You made it, time flies, year went by so fast, this one’ll be better, etc.  Did you have a good holiday?  Did you get anything?  My family exchanges presents, but we put a priority on wishing each other well and telling each other how much each person means to us.  For New Years’, I spent my time partying with my mates at an art studio.  There was general running around and prank-pulling that day.

Since Christmas and New Years’ have passed, it’s time to talk about resolutions.  I originally said I wasn’t going to do any, but I actually could manage some.

Happy New Year

So, here they are:

  1. Do that secret project I said I was gonna do.
  2. FINISH MY PORTRAIT WORK.  I do portraits in Second Life but haven’t finished my projects due to stuff happening in rl and being sad for a bit.  Now that I’m back, I’m going to solve this problem by opening a Tinychat room and linking my friends to it.  People watching me work will ensure I finish.  Bam!  That resolution is totally happening.  I don’t know the time yet but it’ll probably be in the afternoon when I do this.
  3. Clean out my inventory.  I have tons of textures from old clothing, WIP skin work, makeup I never released, unfinished ideas, finished ones, and long forgotten stuff I did and didn’t keep at my store for very long.  For all of that, I’m at 30k in my inventory–which isn’t bad, but it needs to be lower.  I’m a hoarder so this is going to be a challenge.
  4. Paint stuff.  Make stuff.  Publish stuff.
  5. Be confident in my ability to be a living, breathing unicorn with a belly full of weird ideas and crazy talent.

That’s my list.  Do you have one?  Are you someone who just believes in goals for every day, or do you like resolutions after New Years’?  Have you ever seen one through?  Let me know in the comments!


  • Sweater and dress:  Redgrave – Holly
  • Headband:  Tea.s – Happy 2014! Headband


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Cake is a freelance illustrator and blogger for Juicybomb. She is a recipient of the Joe Schuster Gene Day award for her work in Wayward Sisters, and was nominated for an Ignatz Award for the same anthology in 2019.


  1. “I do portraits in Second Life but haven’t finished my projects due to stuff happening in rl and being sad for a bit.”

    Hugs…ping me if you ever need to chat.

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