Road Trip

Road Trip

Hello everyone! I’m on an SL road trip! I am at the Zilch/Draqoon sim, which I stumbled upon by randomly searching for gardens. I especially love this abandoned retro gas station, and there are lots of palm trees here!! <3

Road Trip

My friend sent me this shirt, so I’m wearing it. I was wearing something else but since it is a gift, I thought it would be nice to wear it once, before it disappears into my inventory. Next time, I WANT A diamond ring?car?puppy?

Have you guys noticed that I changed my blog layout, again? I am using the new X theme from Theme Co, it’s awesome! This theme is very customizable and comes with tons of pre-made styles (I’m using one).

What I’m Wearing:

Truth Hair – Bryn
New Leaf – Heart Mesh Tee Shirt (M)
Fishy Strawberry – Yoga Pants (XS) Light Grey
SLink – Ilse Heels (White)

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  1. I’m kind of surprised to see you wear full perm Meli Imako stuff…I always thought you were a brand snob.

    • My friend who doesn’t log into SL often sent me the gift. If this was sent by the designer, I wouldn’t have worn it. But since my friend sent it, I definitely didn’t wear this to “promote” the brand, so feel free not to buy yourself a shirt.

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