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I buy new mesh eyes all the time, but I always go back to my favorite Aphotic Gloom (texture) eyes. Years ago, I wore Promise eyes from KMadd often, so when I saw that the collection is now available in mesh, I went to pick up several sets. I ended up really liking the Clarity eyes best, so I’m showing you 6 of my favorite colors above. These eyes are available as a big fatpack (no singles), but priced very reasonably. They’re between $499-$599 per set, which is pricey if you absolutely will wear only one color, but a great deal if you like to experiment with several different colors.

I’m very picky about eyes, what I always look for is a mixture of colors & depth, it has to look realistic and not flat! I also like a nice glossy reflection, but I won’t wear eyes that reflects shadows or figures (people) — creepy!! Sometimes I don’t even like lashes in the reflection, which I’ve noticed a lot of brands doing, but if it’s subtle I’ll deal with it.


Visit KMadd for a free mesh eyes sampler HUD with 26 colors!

Are you picky about eyes? What do you look for? What do you avoid?

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  1. For my sake, I considered the IKON eyes to be your “signature eyes” and the most “Gogo-y”. Yes, “Gogo-y” is a word.

    I first look for small irises, I have to have small irises and some designers don’t make them small enough. The Blessed Miriel did and I wore her eyes for years until I felt they looked to outdated and then I switched to IKON because they had small enough irises in some of the lines. Then I look for a green that is “me”. Once I find an eye that is “me” I don’t change it.

  2. Those Kmadd have some really gorgeous greens, I’ll definitely check them out! I always love trying new eyes (really liked MayFly’s last release). My favorite brand is still Ikon, and I’m absolutely crazy about their new Promise eyes. I love that you can adjust and resize them.

  3. I’ve been crazy about Ikon ever since I first learned about them here. Their new Promise eyes are the best I’ve ever seen in SL. I have not liked mesh eyes much – they never seem to fit me well, even with adjustments. I like a bit bigger iris. The small iris seems too beady-eyed to me. The Promise eyes are so soft and sweet.

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