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Curio is back!

Curio - Nadia

Welcome back, Curio! After a long hiatus, Curio is back with three new skins and seven new skin tones! Each skin comes with one standard brows color, and bonus brows colors in the megapack. I’m wearing Nadia, this skin is my favorite from this release, cos the brows are fantastic and the face shading is really fresh and lovely.

Curio - Nadia

Brows — Blonde, Brunette, Ginger, Black

These new skins do not have appliers for the SLink hands and feet! For myself, that is a must have with any skin that I wear since I won’t take off my hands and feet, and I’d like them to match!

Have you tried Nadia, Penelope, and Ember? Which one is your favorite?

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  1. The Blogging Elf

    I have tried them and I must say I was pretty underwhelmed. The dark tones have improved a lot compared to the older ones, but the pale tones are very yellowish and look sicks. πŸ™ I expected something truly new after such a long time. The body seems less detailed than the old one, which I adooooored. No appliers is a no go for me by now. I was kinda of shocked, but I found myself thinking “There are better skins out there by now.”

  2. zzpearlbottom

    I use since 19 feb 2010, a old Curio skin, from 2009, so there will never be any other skin, be Curio or whatever that will replace it!
    And i dont use slink but lola’s and another brand of mesh feet, and i didnt had any problem tinting and matching them!
    Still, on these days of laziness (wonder how many can even figure how to link 2 prims, much more to tint one!) lack of apliers seems a no go, Curio should new better! Lots of changes in the last months that one should be aware before releasing anything!

  3. Airiana Drake

    I still don’t get her “sell all tones in one makeup” system when every other skin store has all makeups in one tone

    whose changing their skin tones everyday but keeping the same makeup? that makes her fatpack price for all makeups in one skin tone nearly 6k (or your forced to buy the megapack and get skins you didn’t really want)

    • gogo

      Good point! I don’t understand all tones with one makeup either. I barely ever switch my tone, and if I do, it’s 1 shade darker or lighter, not too much change.

  4. Quincy

    Can you show a body shot?

  5. Sylvia Olivier

    The skin ads look pretty terrible (with the morph hair and huge eyes) and the skins did not look good on me.. I felt that these looked dated and I was a bit disappointed.

  6. Miss Kitty

    I love Penelope but appliers for Slink and Lolas are a must for me.

  7. Tabel Resident

    I tried on the demos and knew I had to have all 3 faces. My favorite so far is Nadia, that nose sold me instantly. These skins are loaded with detail. From the collarbone, spine, hands, ears, nipples, every facet down to the feet are beautifully detailed.

  8. Electra

    I feel that the world of Second Life skins has become not unlike those celebrities who have had so much plastic surgery that their obsession with beauty has resulted in horror. When I look at most current generations of skins, I see something aged, preserved, and desperate. I realize that taste is subjective; but for myself, I believe Curio has came back with a true renaissance. The skins are youthful, vibrant, and fresh. I’m looking forward to the next release.

  9. AliceInChains Arun

    Nadia is ma favorite and tone moondrop. I dint like Ember face at all and Penelope is kinda cute. I’m glad curio is back and I liked the tones, just waiting on the appliers. Fingers crossed!

  10. Airiana Drake

    their the same style ads and sale packs that shes been using for years, you’d have thought before she released that she would have taken the time to see what everyone else is doing

    its not 2010 anymore, customers expect more before they pay for something (I.e appliers, separate layers etc etc)

  11. kharadriisa

    She said to be on the lookout for appliers!

  12. mia

    The lips and lipstick look the same as the old ones, so nothing really new

  13. Leilani

    Been wearing curio (and many other brands) for years and imo I don’t see any difference face wise between this release and previous releases. Even the lipglosses look exactly the same as previous releases.

    I won’t be updating my curio skins this time around.

  14. cicadetta

    I’ve been hoping to try Curio since I heard about it (which was during all the kerfuffle, naturally) and… I guess I’m a bit disappointed. But to be fair, that’s because I was hoping to find a magical makeup free skin that looks as good as my mildly made-up favorite skin. (My favorite skin shop closed when I wasn’t looking and I never did get the natural version. More the fool, me.)

    Still, I’ll have to try demos of new skins whenever they come out. Just in case.

  15. Roos

    I don’t think they look much different with the old skins, I would have thought after a year she would come with something complete new, and when there is no slink appliers I wouldn’t buy it.

  16. Shopaholic

    I was under the impression that Gala was working on entirely NEW skins. These just seem to be a less detailed rehashing of the old skins. I agree that the body of these skins is far less detailed, and also there is odd coloring around the knees; it makes it sort of look like your avatar has been on her knees for a long while…. I was looking to be blown away by the talent and creativity of Ms. Phoenix… that’s what I thought we had coming. I’m not sure what happened instead. I really don’t understand why the curio body took a step backwards and I’m confused about why the facial features also seem to be the same as before. These aren’t new….

    I’ve had a love affair with curio skins since 2006. I don’t own everything she’s made, but I do own a lot of it. I will not be buying these new skins though. Seems like maybe it’s time to move on.

  17. Magrite

    Wow harsh comments. I think her new skins look different as if they are less heavy on the makeup, so more natural, which makes them very fresh and young – and she said the appliers would be out soon. It seems everybody is harshing on her style, when before everybody loved it. DUH! Yeah, there will be similarities to her old style, that’s called artistic “style”, of course hard for ignorant non creative people to realize that, so I’ll refrain from too many insults. Do people want her making them look like everybody else’s? She is up there with Belleza, League, My Dear, Akeruka, KOOQLA and Ugly Duck. For that matter there are not that many new skin makers doing anything that fantastic except adding appliers.

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