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Mesh Heads


A friend asked me what my favorite mesh (human) avatars are, and of course I said it was Logo Chloe or Snow Rabbit (S@R). I’ve seen a few other mesh heads but they were basic and not as realistic. I think the S@R Nea avatar is so pretty, but  a lot of people say it’s too young looking. I can’t wait for more mesh faces from these brands, or any other brand that can produce a gorgeous realistic face with plenty of options built into a HUD!

Do you wear mesh heads? Do you want to?

What I’m Wearing:

LOGO – Chloe Inifinity
Wasabi Pills – Emily (Gingerbread)

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  1. Pand

    I think it’d be nifty if a brand could come up with a way to kind of customise a face – pick your eyes, nose, and lips like some skins do. Give you a few of each style that you can combine… but for now barring that I don’t ever use them because I feel like I’d match too much to others & that would be weird.

    Nea is my favorite, though… She looks maybe anime-cute-young, not fore everyone, but not something I’d wear.

  2. The Blogging Elf

    Nope, I don’t. Not matter how much you can ‘customize’ them, you’ll always end up looking like a clone because the difference are extremely subtle. I really like my avatar’s face so unless I would one day find myself willing to dish out ~ 70k Lindens to get a custom one, it is a no for me. :/ I think they steal away peoples’ unique looks.

  3. STARVED Magic

    i think chloe has the best mesh heads, but the body isn’t that great…

  4. justcallmeque

    I do wear a mesh head, I have been using Logo – Chloe for about 14 months now. I really am looking forward to more makeup and expressions for it!

  5. micah1983

    I tend to agree with blogging elf… no matter how much the fans of those mesh heads state that everyone has it customized it themselves with all those little pretty details, making each and everyone a unique avatar… they are looking like clones. So for me its a way i won’t go.

  6. Worcent

    Snow Rabbit’s head is great, but oh god do I wish I could hide the collarbone mesh. it always sticks out in most mesh tops that tries to cover it.

  7. Rebeca Dembo

    im working on mesh heads,i just need to figure it out how emotions works 🙂 the texture part is very easy and so much fun

  8. Tracy RedAngel

    I think it’s a great idea, but whenever I’ve tried the mesh heads I just didn’t feel like ‘myself’ in them. If I could find a mesh head that had a more customizable shape and could go well with my existing skins I would probably get one at that point.

  9. Marianne Little

    I have three mesh heads. The two you have, and also a previous one from Filthy.
    Plus DollCoco heads – but that is for use with the DollCoco body.
    I miss a mesh head with creator pack, like the Slink hands and feet, the mesh breasts and such. It is not enough customization. Snow Rabbit basically has just one look, with small differences in makeup. LOGO has some add-on packs, but nothing unusual. I miss the possibility to use a mesh head with scales to match a skin with scales, bruises for roleplay, exstreme makeup and all that you can get with tattoo layers.
    No way that petites could be so popular if the petites idea was used by creators keeping developers kit to themself.
    If I shall use some stuff like war paint or tears, I must go to my pre-tattoo layer things, where I have a few things with facial markings on curved prims, that I can edit as close to the face as possible.

  10. CronoCloud Creeggan

    I am rather attached to my own facial features…which I’ve had since 2006. The snowrabbit head looks like a 12 year old part-Japanese girl to me. It is cute, yes, but far far too young for my preferred style. The Chloe head is little more to my liking, but still a little young.

    My SL face is part of my SL identity

  11. FD

    the one you use here.. nah. it looks as if she’s dumb. At least with this expression. The eye shape and the mouth… I dunno, it just looks like she’s dumb. lol. Not pretty, and especially not so individual.
    I agree the mesh heads are cute, but nothing for me. I have another look, can’t look like “me” with a mesh head :/

  12. Talisha Tiratzo

    I have Logo, Chloe, but only used it for a week or so. I wanted the ability to have freckles and at least when I bought mine, there wasn’t an option for that.

  13. zeesl

    :O This is a new concept to me. Mesh head…it comes with the skin? Or we can wear skins over it? (I know this sounds like a silly question…)

  14. Alecks

    I appreciate the expressions that could be possible with the mesh heads but aside that… nothing. They do not look any better than any recent skin. Rabbit has a higher quality but she looks awfully too young and skin matching just painful. We are still behind to what the public needs in regards to mesh heads.

  15. Mia

    Bodygossip have some nice mesh heads, also The Shops will be releasing new heads and mesh hands, feet and boobs in January, also looking forward to trying Vive9 new one which is released in 4 days

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