Snow Queen

Snow Queen

“Really, Cake? You had to do a snow photoshoot?” Yes! And hasn’t it been kind of disgusting outside? Unless you’re in one of the lucky areas of the world where you aren’t dealing with white stuff piled outside your door, you know exactly why this winter needs to hurry up and leave–quickly.

So if you’re someone dealing with a lot of snow outside, what have you been doing to keep warm? I’ve got something similar to this heating up my studio. It’s little more than a glorified blow dryer, but it keeps the room pretty toasty!

Today I’m wearing Nylon Outfitters’ Sequin Mermaid gown, with MiaMai’s Sian headdress and Serenata shoulder-pieces.  All three of these items feature hand-drawn texturing–especially the headdress!  I recommend you buy that right away.  It’s a gorgeous piece of art that deserves to be ogled over and over.

Do you have any favorite headdresses in SL?  Are you currently dealing with piles and piles of snow and polar vortex insanity?  Any tips for staying warm?  Let me know in the comments!

Snow Queen

What I’m Wearing:

 Pink Fuel Skin
Dress: Nylon Outfitters – Sequin Mermaid Dress (White)
Headdress: MIAMAI – Sian Headdress
Shoulders: MIAMAI – Serenata (shoulderpads only)

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Cake is a freelance illustrator and blogger for Juicybomb. She is a recipient of the Joe Schuster Gene Day award for her work in Wayward Sisters, and was nominated for an Ignatz Award for the same anthology in 2019.


  1. Well well.. it would look like snow is a common topic these days XD Who can blame us, right?
    You look fabulous hun.. been following your blog for a while, and that headdress is truly stunning. ♥

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