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Gogo Bear

Gogo Bear

Say hello to my new beary friend from Ohmai!

There are a bunch of things I would blog about, if I wasn’t pressed for time or lazy. Such as…. the new SLink Visage Mesh Head and new SLink West sim. Read about it on the SLink blog.

Have you reviewed the new mesh heads? Leave a link to your blog post in my comments.

What I’m Wearing:

Exile – Perfect Promise
LOGO – Infinity Chloe (Bloom)
Teefy – Bella Ruffles Camisole (Double Layer) Lavender S
Ohmai – Beary Lurvin (Hug, Wear Ver)

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  1. GraziaGrazia

    here: & (about SLink Visage)
    and here: (About The Shops)

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