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Shop ’til you drop!

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  1. caramia Mizin

    I prefer to use Market Place, however at times when I do have the time & patience I like to shop in SL, and suipport inworld designers.

  2. Terry

    Shopping events are fun even though the sims can be laggy. I also use the Marketplace. The Marketplace can be hard to navigate, while a shopping event has a theme and all in one place. Both are good.

  3. Kyla

    I do enjoy shopping events, I love themes and having some of my favourite designers in one place. However, it’s gone overboard, especially gachas. It would be really nice if all of these designers spent time releasing good in-store releases instead, sometimes I just want to pop into a shop, get what I want, and go the heck home…I don’t want to have to stand at a machine spending hundreds of $L more than an item is even worth, or hangout at a sim for two hours to make sure I see everything.

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