Sometimes I think that Gogo is me, and sometimes I think that she’s Gogo, a virtual girl with a pretty fabulous wardrobe. I enjoy blogging, and I have a certain casual style that I favor, that I know a lot of you guys do too. I think that people who call my style ‘boring’ are just trying to ruin my day, and that’s not possible… cos I happen to love casual. I love bright colors, I love that my photos are usually cheerful. Have some flowers, and lighten up!


My fabulous outfit is from Teefy, and check out these gorgeous new Uvola Sling Back shoes from Hucci.

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel Skin
Exile – Pick Up Lines
Teefy – Sophie Cut-Out Ruffle Top (S) Creme
Teefy – Su Pencil Skirt (S) Fiesta
Hucci – Uvol Sling Back (Prime Collection)
The Secret Store – Wild Flowers (Bouquet/Mixed Flowers)

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Gogo is a leading fashion and decor blogger of Second Life. Focusing on what's new and now, her honest take on what she sees and buys is the quintessential voice of the consumer.


  1. I’m with you, I much prefer casual outfits that I could see myself wearing. Thanks for showing us your style!

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