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Nar Mattaru - Taryn Skin

Hi everyone! I’m wearing the new Taryn skin from Nar Mattaru. The skin comes with Blonde, Brown, Black, and Ginger brows, and tattoo lipsticks. It’s rare lately for me to take off my Pink Fuel skin and try on anything else, but I’m really glad I did cos the face is very cute on Taryn, even though there are a couple of things that I think could be improved upon (mostly skin tone & brow color). Also, my boobs are huge in this skin, which may or may not be a desirable effect!

This skin also includes WowMeh body appliers, which I’ve seen in pictures from other SL residents but I haven’t tried it yet. Do you guys love it? Do I need it? If I do find the time to try on a demo, I will let you know, but for now I am quite alright with my regular default body (plus mesh hands and feet).

What I’m Wearing:

Nar Mattaru – Taryn Skin (Neutral) Blonde
Exile – Full of Secrets
The Secret Store – Sweet Sailor Dress (Chibi) S
Donna Flora – Giordana Earrings

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  1. cherylblossoms

    seriously, you look good in that skin and it’s still you <3

  2. Charolotte Caxton

    Looks incredible.

  3. Tracy RedAngel

    That skin is really pretty on you…I like that brow color as well.
    I bought the WowMeh body because the price was really reasonable. It’s a little higher now (899L) but still not that bad considering there are frequent updates.
    I like the body very much. I love that you can adjust the sliders and if you’re so inclined apply physics. It is a little more tricky to make Slink hands and feet work (I had to use the XXS hands to make them fit), and it’s not quite as perfect of a fit as the default avatar. But regardless, the body is very smooth and pretty. I only have a Deetalez applier, but I just bought the Glam Affair applier which I haven’t tried yet. The hud is nice, I think it’s pretty neat that it has alpha sections to hide parts of the body so you can were SOME mesh clothes. It doesn’t work for all mesh items though, but I think Wowmeh should allow clothing makers to make their own alpha huds to work with the body.
    I mostly wear mesh clothes, and I’m not fond of applier clothes (most of which I think look a bit hooker-ish) so the WowMeh isn’t something I will use everyday. If I could wear more mesh clothes with it, I would probably wear it more.

  4. Alexxandra sorbet

    Really like the eyebrows on that skin, very lovely.

  5. CronoCloud Creeggan

    You look a little bit older in this one, like Pink Fuel Gogo’s slightly older sister. Pink Fuel Gogo is a “coed” This Gogo is a college graduate.

  6. Marianne Little

    Tracy RedAngel covered it well. I have the WowMeh body and I just nod to what she said. Maybe you should wait until Belleza and Slink release their mesh bodies, and do a big “compare” post? Because I think mesh bodies will be big. Slink in particular, because I take for granted that it will be a painless fit to the Slink hands and feet, I don’t go without them! CuteAzz was a great disappointment with the fit… WowMeh has improved a lot.
    You don’t need mesh bodies to look good, because in almost all your blog posts you stand in some relaxed pose that don’t break or twist the original avatar shape. When you sit or jump or do some pose that bends the knees in awful sharp angles or press the butt flat, well then you will wish you had a mesh body that looked better. I always wanted pretty knees when I have on short skirts and shorts, the PhatAzz and CuteAzz was a big disappointment there too because they have no alpha layers and crotch flaps are DEAD and will not come on my avatar again.
    So for clothed looks where the mesh clothes hide the ugly breaks in knees, butt, elbows and such, no need for a mesh body. It will be great for bikini, lingerie, drow, panther and other halfnaked pictures.The less clothes you wear the more of the default shape you show off and it does not pose well unless you stand straight up….

  7. quinty sirnah

    I tried the Wowmeh body and honest I don’t see the benefit of it (yet). The included hands and feet are ugly and I think for now it’s only to take money out of your pockets because it’s not just the body, it’s also the appliers you have to buy. I just love my default home made shape 🙂 It was no problem to use the SLink hands/feet; I already wear the xxs size.

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