Flamingo Buddies

Flamingo Buddies

Say hello to my new friends, the Summer Flamingo Buddies from Ohmai. THIS IS AMAZING. I love tropical things and beach landscapes in SL, so naturally I also adore flamingos! I’ve always had them on my sim cos they’re Pink and kitschy.

I like beach clothing that are more than just bikinis, so I can wear them with more casual outfits. I love this new halter tank and summer shorts from Teefy! I plan on wearing this halter top quite often, with skirts or pants. Find everything I’m wearing @ Summerfest.

Flamingo Buddies

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel Skin
Exile – After the Rain @ Summerfest
Teefy – Vivienne Summer Shorts (S) Prism
Teefy – Mia Mini Halter Tank Top (S) Mint
Ploom -Pnup 2 poses (@ My Attic)
Ohmai – Summer Flamingo Buddies (Fandango) @ Summerfest

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