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SLink Physique

Le’s talk about the MESH BODY. I wasn’t really interested in a full mesh body, cos I felt that my default SL body was still nice, especially when updated with the SLink hands and feet. I didn’t have a need for a nice booty, boobs, private parts, ears, mouth, etc! I like some upgrades, but could live without most. I waited for a long time until two things happened before I tried on a mesh body – 1) SLink released one, this is a brand that I could trust to continually upgrade, provide customer service, and offers kits for designers to create appliers and 2) Pink Fuel made an applier for the Physique body.

Here is a quick video to show you guys how the SLink Physique mesh body works. It’s brief, but you’ll get to see the sliders changing the different body parts. Any slider that you can adjust for the default SL body (except for head/face) will also adjust the mesh body. I think this all-in-one (hands and feet sold separately) option will reduce the need to have add-on booty or boobs attachment.

At first glance, you may not even notice such a huge difference, but the differences are there! For starters, the body parts resizes well, no more angles and squares! Smoother lines! Even as someone who almost never takes her clothes off, I will definitely appreciate not having to liquidfy the shoulder and neck area to eliminate some of the awkward lines before.

Have you tried the mesh body? Do you like it? Will you wear it all the time?

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  1. Majel Auberjonois

    Love the video. A lot. I’ll be linking it to my own blog post. Thanks! 🙂

    • gogo

      Thanks for the mention! Love your post!

  2. Vixxie Vultee

    i was really excited to try out the body and i liked it a lot! i’ve been wearing the cute azz for a while now and my only complaint about it was that i was unable to alpha out parts of it to wear it with other mesh that wasn’t specifically made for it. with the slink body, i am super excited to get some more use out of my mesh skirts and shorts again!

    i’m just awaiting the pink fuel appliers too, i honestly can’t wear any skins other than mochi’s anymore. are they out yet? i will ruuuuunnn so fast when they are!

  3. Kirsten Corleone

    Cute Video! I went back and added it to my own post I made about this body two days ago! Yes I LOVE it. I am going to wear it a lot, but not all the time because I have still had trouble with some mesh pieces. You can’t wear evrything with it even with the great HUD and ability to alpha out parts, but a lot of things. I am going to TRY and wear it all the time and when i can’t get the alphas to work with mesh then i will wear my regular body. I made two shapes for this new body, one for mesh, and a curvier one that I made to replace my lolas and cute azz. I am super excited about my curvy shape and I CAN’T WAIT for applier clothes for it (I know you hate those, lol), but I love them because they will be shaped exactly like my curvy shape I made but on a new improved smooth gorgeous body. I love LOVE the slink physique boobs!

  4. LeBrlu

    As much as I wanted to like slinks body especially after the implant like boobs from the other beta body, the updated #meshproject one makes hers look like an amateur product which is a bit head scratching since the mesh project body is free, and she’s charging for hers. Downside with that is having to give up my slink and Gos but the body is soooo pretty it hasn’t been that hard Ha

  5. Joy

    I have to agree on the meshproject body. It is much better (imo) than the SLINK body. I so wanted to like the slink one but I will stick with the freebie until perhaps someone else releases theirs!

  6. Angela Kwak

    I prefer the Slink body because of the breasts. I don’t like the meshproject breasts because they corresponds with someone that is bending a little forwards. Just a bit to pointy to my taste.
    I won’t be wearing it all the time because of the little flaws. Breaking textures and the Alpha at the front is connected to the back (should be fixed in the next release).
    But why Slink I am not going to give up my Slink Hands and Feet for a mesh body and for some reason I never seem to wear my WowMeh body.

  7. Poptart

    anyone know when the pink fuel appliers will be out for this body?

  8. Kristin Burner

    i have tried the demo, and i do love it. My skin maker also has the appliers. There are a few things i found that i am unsure about, but might be addressed later.
    1. The butt, it seems flat to me, and when set to 100 still looks kind a flat. Would like to have the option of a more well defined butt.

    2. The torso at the bottom, is higher up then the default avi. So things like bikinis and shorts do not fit tight between the legs. I really hate seeing gaps 🙂

    3. The alpha sections. There needs to be another hud for different options. In the upper body section its to limiting. A lot of tops i cannot wear with it, like off the shoulder, etc. This is most likely a losing battle, since there so many ways a piece of clothing can be made. Maybe the ability for other designers to include an hud to alpha away for there clothes.

    So, will i buy it or not, i am still debating it, since it really only shows it strength when naked, i am unsure.

  9. Charolotte Caxton

    I also have to agree about The Mesh Project body. It looks so awesome and it is free. However, it doesn’t have the adjustable alpha layers like Slink’s so I am not too sure how I am going to wear clothes with it just yet.

  10. Alecks

    Meshproject doesn’t have alpha yet but it is a good product over all. I still like the wowmeh more for the ass. I assume we will see Slink updating soon and yes… we need Mochi’s appliers

  11. jeangenie jewell

    Meshproject body has been updated and boobs are much much better now!

  12. Alana Onyett

    well I’m looking for the Pink Fuel Applier to the Slink Physique Body but only see appliers for feet and hands in the Pink Fuel store. Did I misread the Blog post? Or am I misunderstanding something?

  13. Roos

    I prefer the wowmes body, the breast and nipples are much nicer, only the hands of slink wont fit nicely with it but the breast are much nicer, I would use the slink body together with the new lola you can make them smaller and the form is much nicer.

  14. HaileyMarie Redrose

    I’m kind of torn on the body, to be honest. I was expecting a bit more definition and curvature. I was eventually able to get a rather nice hourglass figure (even though I’m very slender), but it took some doing, and my thighs were always much larger than my calves, which is a shame. The Physique teaser shot showed some yummy calves. The blessing is how easily it works with Slink’s hands and feet, and I LOVE the Personal HUD, which gives a great degree of freedom. Nonetheless, it’s not perfect. I haven’t had much luck with mesh outfits as of yet, and I suspect I’ll need to focus a lot on Liquid Mesh outfits instead. The Alpha HUD is a really nice idea, but didn’t work so well in execution for me, so far. I know there’s only so much you can do. It’s a valiant effort, but I’m hoping Slink does a 2.0 on this body.

  15. Klara

    Do you know any stores with clothes which they have appiler for Slink Body ?
    I know that Slink have some on website but there is very little choice.

    Ps. Rly nice video ! 🙂

  16. sinead mcmillan

    The “wowmeh!”-body is still the best one on the grid and of course, I am wearing her daily.

  17. sunnygirl OHare

    I never bothered to demo either of the 2 new mesh bodies on the grid because I have read all of the reviews everyone has posted and I’ve seen the videos everyone keeps making. I’ve been using WowMeh since 3.0 and it is so SO pretty to look at. It also comes in a thinner frame (insize) and a much curvier frame (oversize). I don’t know why I am only seeing 2 comments referring to this mesh body (I’m sure it will be back up for sale as soon as possible) when it is clearly better than the others that were just released.

  18. Juliette Moriarty

    I’m in love with The Mesh Project body. Everything about it.. from the body, hands, feet. I love that there are going to be so many different options for mesh for everyone’s unique tastes. But I am concerned as to how apparel creators are going to keep up. I have only one dress for TMP body and even though I can change colors, it’s getting a little ripe!

  19. Babylee

    I prefer the new Eve Mesh Avi from Ginger, for me it is the perfect body with top hands and feets ( with nails ) comes in slim and curvy with many goodies ( clothes, shoes, make ups, nails …) and huds and the price is ok also. Thx for the cool video, hugs Babylee

  20. Janey

    I tried the #MeshProject body the Eve Mesh Avi (so so) and the Slink one (ok’ish) and also another one which I can’t remember the name of. I agree with some others, the #MeshProject one looks awesome, the skin texture is pretty and is probably the one I will end up using, IF there are plenty of outfits released for it. Can’t comment on the WowMeh one as I haven’t seen it. In the end I will wait and see.

  21. stylishpastel

    I really love slink physique, it makes my body look so much better and smooth. I didn’t try the other brands but I’m satisfied enough with slink physique and punk fuel appliers. Best 1700 linden I ever spent.

  22. alivealandar

    Question.. Have you tried any of the other Mesh Bodys? I would love if you could ever do a comparable blog!

  23. Nanao

    Hi! I have the body of slink long time, and I have the latest update there and I do not get the same hud has you. Where I can get it?

  24. Tenly Sierra

    I tried a demo of both. Unfortunately you cant demo the full version of the meshproject body to see how well or poorly it works with your “legacy” items. It is definitely very well shaped but also very over-priced at 5000 lindens. And they seem to have no interest in their product working with other creators skins and projects unless they are made for meshproject.

    Ive already been there and done that. I remember the browser wars all to well. days when we had to code for every brand. yes, mesh is not browsers but I feel exactly the same way about this.

    The slink one at least works with my existing skins, which I create myself, as well as my existing slink hands and feet. I might purchase it just to dink around with as I consider the price more reasonable.

    But until there is a mesh body that doesnt exclude my ability to use whatever products I please, mix and match as I like, I wont be going head over heels for a mesh body.

    Not really interested in a mesh head that I cant tweak to look the way I want it to either.

    Would love to see linden but as much love into redesigning the standard avatar as meshproject has put into their worn mesh body. Frankly stunned that the standard Sl body and sliders has not improved one wit in all these years. No excuse for it.

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