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Denim & Lace

Denim & Lace

Fishy Strawberry nailed it with this Denim & Lace dress! It’s short and tight, but still somehow very sweet and not slutty. I LOVE THIS DRESS! I am also wearing the SLink Physique mesh body, and I am trying to make it work with my existing wardrobe by being creative with the alpha HUD & adjusting my body size.

I’m used to this body now, that when I take it off, it no longer feels right. Even though wearing clothes can be challenging (right now), I don’t think it’s any different than people conforming their body size to fit Standard Sizing, so I think designers & consumers will eventually find a way to make mesh bodies work.

Denim & Lace

Not photoshopped. The legs are so smooth!

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel Skin
Truth Hair – Lovers
Fishy Strawberry – Denim & Lace Dress (S) Light
Donna Flora – Julia Ring (White)
Ingenue – Lola Heels (Sherbert Stripe)

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  1. Claire

    This is adorable!

  2. Charolotte Caxton

    You look great!

  3. Chantel Ashdene

    Oh, very nice!

  4. Larissa

    Hey! I was wondering, where do you get your makeup??
    And I bought the pink fuel skin Harley, but she doesn’t look like you. Did you make your own changes to your face? I love the Harley Peach skin, but I am wanting to change some things.

    Thanks! You look great btw, that dress is gorgeous.

    • gogo

      i wear her blush that came with the skin + eyeliner

  5. Jess

    The main problem with the mesh body is that it makes a lot of my favorite clothes invalid. Even if in the future it works better I have lost a lot of favorite things by using the body. Unless I start a blog I won’t get clothes for free, so it’s expensive at the moment to keep buying things again and again for a game that has a sequel coming in 2 years or less. I think that’s the main problem. Like some of the clothing layer stuff I bought recently, also used slink hands or feet and instead of the creator updating the old stuff with the free applier, they make you buy it all over again. I’ve encountered this at several stores now.

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