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POLL: Mesh Body

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  1. toysoldier thor

    I wouldn’t wear one because the major mesh bake fail lag issues… especially if you are one like me that attends a lot of live music dance events where venues often have 40 to 80+ avatars. I know one woman that had a beautiful hot mesh avatar head and abandoned it because often she had no head or grey head to most of the audience. LL can brag that they have improved lag but they just never come in world to enough venues to realize.that mesh bake fail and resizing issues are a major problem. So get a mesh body but realized that often most won’t seen your amazing mesh beauty.

  2. Jessica Pixel (@liftedpixel)

    I picked up The Shops body because it’s free and I’ve tried a demo of the SLink body. I haven’t tried any others yet and I don’t have mesh hands or feet (other than the free ones from The Shops, but you can’t wear them with the default avatar body).

    I don’t really have the need for a mesh body because I usually wear enough clothes that having a mesh body wouldn’t really be of much advantage, but they do look nice when you’re wearing not so much.

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