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American Girl

American Girl

I may do the Seven Days of Denim challenge, but I already wear denim often, so it’s not that challenging to me. In fact, if it was Seven Days of Ball Gowns, I may start crying on day two, since I don’t like them that much (just once in a while!).

MY HAT? Isn’t it amazing? G-O-D! I’m not narcissistic at all.

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel Skin
Eater’s Coma – Hair 56/Light Seandy Blonde
Teefy – Mia Mini Halter Tank Top (S) White
Monso – My Studded Shorts (Light Blue)
Teefy – Sienna Gladiator Sandal (Large) White
Mandala – Billionaire_Fashionista (White)

Consignment – Backyard Drive-In – Truck WHITE
Lark – Sunflowers
what next – Amalfi String Lights – Winter Blue (scripted)

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  1. Kitty O'toole

    Seven Days Of Ballgowns?! I might have to do that in September ( I NEVER wear gowns, like you, it would KILL me!)

    Love the top, and you look awesome as always xxx

    Kitty =^..^=

  2. CronoCloud Creeggan

    I tend to do dressy in SL, so Seven days of Denim would kill me. Ball gowns I could handle even if I don’t wear the things too often. I do love a pretty ball gown.

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