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I have a have some of the best SL photographers on my Flickr contact list, and they inspire me to keep trying to take better photos. Sometimes I don’t think I’ll ever be as good as some of my favorites, but I’m really happy that there are still things I can learn, and want to learn! Even when people say my photos are basic/boring/style is boring, I think that I do have a favorite lighting style — bright, cheerful? Gogo lives in a sunny, happy place in SL.

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel Skin
Eaters Coma – Hair 39/Light Blue
Katat0nik – Hair Pencils (Imaginative School Girl)
Teefy – Vanishing Clouds Top (Sky) m
Katat0nik – Tulle Skirt/Tulle Waistband
Spellbound – Fckn Cute Cookie Necklace (Pink/Yellow)
The Secret Store – Oxford Heels (Pink Polka)

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  1. aevalah

    Do what makes you happy Gogo, and ignore the people who feel the need to cut others down. Many of us enjoy your bright cheerful pictures

  2. ladywhite farrior

    you cant compare you your art with others you are you an I like your style bright and feeling of fantasy to me. I like the world you create in your blog. an growing an learning are all fun just enjoy the ride.

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