Good morning SL! Let’s share a Popsicle.

I need to clean my inventory, but the objects folder is scary now. If SL had a feature to “unpack all boxed items” from within a folder, I would be so thrilled. I can’t wait for the holidays, so I’ll have a whole week to sort and purge my inventory, before the new year! I like to start every new year in SL with a slimmer inventory (~50K or less), which is a good number for someone who has a lot of stuff! I know other bloggers who have in excess of over 100K inventory (looking at you, Sasy Scarborough).

What’s your inventory size? Do you sort and purge obsessively? Let me know in the comments!


What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel Skin
LeLutka – Lillian Hair (Marilyn)
Teefy – Tiffany Bodysuit (S) White
Teefy – Katharine Skirt (S) White
L.Warwick – Miranda (High Platform WEdge) Modest Mahogany

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  1. Funny you should post about this. I’m in the midst of culling my 8 year old inventory. I had around 75K in there, right now I’m down to 26K. Taking it one category at a time. Right now I’m in the clothing folder, and crap in a hat, some items are absolutely breaking my heart to be so ruthless with, but it must be done! Not looking forward to the objects folder either. But that is for next weekend.

  2. my inventory is in a state of perpetual mess, too. i also use 50k as a benchmark, when i get close to that i start deleting. i have things decently organized in folders and sub-folders, and you’d think that would help keep me in order.. but no. it’s always chaos in my inventory.

  3. What? Deleting inventory is HERESY and against all that is right and good. Delete is a dirty word that should never be spoken by one such as I. How can I win SL if I don’t own it all? After all how can I win a “best in 2006 fashion” contest unless I still have fashion from 2006 in my inventory.

    I have about 101700 in inventory at the moment…I feel such shame as a Fashionista for such a low number. Just haven’t been shopping enough.

  4. I have a 7 year old inventory with just over 5k items that I sort meticulously. I use this kind of system: body parts – hair – short hair. How do you guys categorize?

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