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Doll v2

Pink Fuel Doll v2

Want to know a secret?

Only two people in SL can get me to try or blog new things, one of them is Mochi, and the other one is Kavar. So if you ever want something blogged here, bribe those two to wear it on their vendor ads, cos they make everything look good!

For months, I have resisted buying a mesh mouth, cos I simply didn’t need it. I still don’t, but I couldn’t resist buying the Nyam Nyam mouth cos Pink Fuel released the best appliers for them, along with the new Doll v2 skin. This skin only comes in one skin tone, but it’s great for that porcelain doll look.

I thought the Nyam Nyam mouth was just ‘okay’ — the mouth is rather frowny, too wide, and hard to fit. I photoshopped the seams out of these pictures, but that’s an issue with any add-on mesh attachment, not just with the mouth. I still think it’s cute enough for pictures only, and hope that an updated version will include more shape options (neutral lips please!).

Do you wear a mesh mouth? What’s your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

Pink Fuel Doll v2

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Doll v2
Wasabi Pills – Lily (Rye)
Cathode Ray – Nyam Nyam mouth

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  1. aiubrey snoodle

    Loud Mouth – Alli

    Once I got my fit right, I became pretty obsessed with it. With a good fit and lighter skin tones, you can make the seam damn near impossible to see without editing.
    These are unedited

  2. STARVED Magic

    I just bought the LOUD MOUTH, tonight, because my favorite skin designer GLAM AFFAIR, just came out with appliers for it. It took some adjustment, nothing to drastic, to get it looking nice, and I think it looks good. I plan to blog about it later. Mesh is mesh…I love it all! Mesh is the future of Second Life skins.

  3. Alecks

    Looks nice for pics but I haven’t seen one person look good in it yet so meh… I think I’ll wait some more. 😉

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